Pill Drill: Never Forget Your Medicine Again

Pill Drill

It’s been a while since I shared about The Pill Drill, while I don’t use this product. It seems to be a great tool for managing medications. I looked up some reviews by users and everyone seems to love it. The price hasn’t changed either. Originally posted March 3, 2017

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“Did you forget to take your medicine?”

“Honey, did I take my medicine?”

“How long has it been since I took some ….?”

Have you heard or said any of these questions in your home?

Are you struggling as a caregiver, trying to keep your parents in a regulated regimen of medication?

These questions are asked (it seems) daily around our place. Between my husband and I, we are always trying to figure out who has taken what when.

Finally, a gadget to help!

The Pill Drill System

Things that impress me about this product

  • Reminders with customizable tones and flashing lights
  • Easy scanning of each medication turns off the reminder.
  • I can notify a caregiver that medication has been given.
  • The mood cube is a nice touch.
  • Reporting will show trends relating to medication and how you feel.
  • It will help you to not forget to take your medicine.

This really may be the answer to taking medications and on time! Also, I’m thinking it will relieve some of the caregiver’s headaches! You will still have the setup time but the reminding should really be helpful.

Here are a few questions I had initially and researched.

How does it work?


Pill Drill Hub medicine

The hub will play customizable tones and flash when your medication is due. The hub has a large screen for readability and buttons to search the day’s history.



Scanning tags are provided to place on each container. You may use to containers provided or place the tags on your prescription bottle. When you take your medication, scan the bottle and the hub will record that you have taken your medication.

Track Well-Being

Ppill Drill Mood medicine

The mood cube can be scanned to record how you are feeling.




Pill Drill Notify medicine

The hub will then notify your loved ones or caregiver that you have taken your medication. This can be done through e-mail or text.

Questions I Researched About Pill Drill:

  1. What does the Pill Drill Cost? What do I get?
PIll Drill Kit medicine

The cost is $279 plus shipping. Each PillDrill kit includes the PillDrill Hub, 12 Scanning Tags, 2 Weekly Pill Strips, and the Mood Cube.

This is always the first question I ask when I see a new product. I’m always thinking, “With all the money I spend on medications, how can I spend more?” But that may be the point. When you are spending all that money on prescriptions, it is all the more important that it is taken as prescribed, especially with some drugs that must be taken on a strict schedule.

And here’s a great advantage. NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION. It seems a lot of things get you hooked by the nice price, but then you find out there is a subscription fee. I know that I can’t afford another monthly fee going out of my small income.

2. What else do I need to use The Pill Drill?

You will need an electrical outlet and access to Wi-Fi. 

To set up your schedule, you will need to use a cell phone app or go online with your computer.

3. What platform does the app use?

The PillDrill app supports both Android and iOS.

4. How does the Pill Drill differ from the app I am using now?

I think the Pill Drill would keep me on track a little better. The scanning device right on the pill bottle/container will help with recording. We seem to forget to record between taking the pill and getting to the phone to record it. Possibly with the pill being right with the device will help this not to be a problem.

However, my present phone app will track everyone in the family. Also, my phone app handles everything to do with my health: doctor’s appointments, notes, vital signs, weight, ever connects with a food diary if I so wish. I can download any or all of this information to take or send to my doctors and caregivers. And it only costs a couple of dollars.

Also, my phone app handles everything to do with my health: doctor’s appointments, notes, vital signs, weight, even connects with a food diary if I so wish. I can download any or all of this information to take or send to my doctors and caregivers. And it only costs a couple of dollars.

*At the time of this writing, I was using the Med Helper Pro. It quit notifying me, so I am now using Medisafe.

5. Can more than one patient use this?

I believe two people could use the same device if you don’t have too many drugs between the two of you. But it may be confusing to do so.

I understand they are working to release a product to use in tandem.

Final Analysis

If you are a caregiver, trying to keep someone on track, this would definitely look into this system. I think it will ease a lot of your headaches.

If you have fibro fog or some type of brain fog, this will be helpful. As I said before the scanner is a great concept that I think would help.

You can find out more or order your Pill Drill today at www.pilldrill.com

Don’t Forget Your Medicine,  🙂


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