time of favor

Psalm of Mandy: a Pain Warrior’s Prayer

But as for me, Lord,
my prayer to you is for a time of favor. Psalm 69:13 CSB

time of favor Psalm 69
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This is a paraphrase from Psalm 69. David had many times in his life when he felt he was drowning in troubles. People who suffer from chronic pain can often feel they are drowning in pain and sorrow. When I read this psalm of David I can feel my own soul praying this prayer with just a few changed words. As you read it, you may understand some of the things that chronic illness causes in our lives. My words are in [ ]. Highlighted words link to another post I have written concerning the issue.

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Show Time! Staff to snakes

Welcome to Time in the Word. If you missed last week’s devotional, you can catch it here, https://www.mandyandmichele.com/moses-and-aaron-to-the-rescue/. Moses and Aaron presented God’s terms and conditions to Pharaoh. Pharaoh, as predicted, said no. Now God has Moses and Aaron perfected positioned. Moses will be like a God to Pharaoh (See how God uses this? We have to meet people where they are!), and Aaron will be like Moses’s prophet. Show Time! Staff to snakes and other scary stuff are about to take place.

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Coffee Bean Barista Secrets: The Crema Revealed- Part Three- The Roast

Image by Gabriela Sanda from Pixabay

Welcome back to Coffee Bean Barista Secrets: The Crema Revealed-Part Three- The Roast. Grabbing a cup full of delicious, Arabica bean coffee, I holler out the window for you to get back in the car! I guess those two shots of espresso did their work. You’re pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Time waits for no man or coffee drinker.

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One Last Cup

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay

Here we are, friends, drinking our one last cup of coffee together. Hopefully, these articles have been a fun ride for you, as we learned about the history of coffee, different types of beans, different types of coffee, grind size, and last but certainly not least, the different ways to brew coffee.

Today we will finish up with a few more ways to brew coffee. So, grab a celebratory cup of your favorite coffee and enjoy additional ways to brew coffee.

This, just in

If you have not been paying attention to the news, the Arabica bean from central and South America is in trouble. Beginning with a rare coffea bean rust in 2013 and the continual migration toward the USA of the poor- the working class to harvest the coffea beans. A coffee crisis is at hand. Keep calm my coffee friends. Let’s not panic, and let’s certainly not be grumpy.

More ways to brew

Two weeks ago, I left you with my short review of the Technivorm Moccamaster. Though it was pricey, which was the only thing I did not like about it, I still think the Moccamaster makes great coffee. And as all good Dutch housewives, I make good use of my Moccamaster. In other words, I totally justified my purchase. 🙂

French Press

Image by Daniel Mena from Pixabay

I bought a French press coffee maker five years ago. A French press coffee maker is an immersion coffee. I usually have this type of coffee on the weekends as I celebrate living at a much slower pace and savoring the process by which this coffee is made.

French press coffee makers are inexpensive. Bonus! They are easy to clean and deliver great coffee. Even better! The downside for some? There are a few more steps than an electric drip brew. Of great importance is water temperature. Just see this as keeping yourselves mentally fit and functioning!

You begin your French press adventure by adding hot water (check the temperature, 195 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit) to coffee grounds placed at the bottom of your French press. Let your coffee steep for 4 minutes before plunging (pushing the plunger down slowly, it’s the fun part) and pouring the coffee out. Four minutes is the sweet spot! Ahh! Enjoy savoring this full-bodied coffee.


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

This type of coffee making is an oldie but a goodie. I can still see my grandma’s percolator on the stovetop, with the glass knob showcasing the coffee ‘perking’ inside. Check out this YouTube video to bring back some nostalgia and possibly a new routine in your coffee making, here.

As with the French press coffee maker, the percolation coffee makers take seven to ten minutes to make your coffee and are more labor-intensive setup. In addition to stovetop percolators, they still make electric percolators.

Moka pots are another form of stovetop coffee brewing. This process uses steam pressure from boiled water in the lower section of the Moka pot to pass through coffee grounds residing in the middle chamber. Brewed coffee then sits in the higher chamber.  Electric versions of Moka pots are available as well. I am still on the hunt for a Moka pot. Check out Moka pot reviews here.

Pod brewing

Image by stokpic from Pixabay

We have arrived at the end of our brewing adventure. One of the most popular brands of pod brewing is the Keurig. I gave a Keurig to my parents four Christmases ago. Let’s say I held favorite child status for one whole year. My dad went bonkers over this Keurig.

Keurig’s are very popular. They come in all different shapes and sizes. From single-serve coffee cups to large pot brewing, Keurig has you covered! Check out their great products here. If you have ever been to a Duluth Trading Store, they have a commercial Keurig coffee maker. So fun to try out a cup of coffee at Duluth Trading.

Pod brewing is relatively simple. You fill your water reservoir, turn on your Keurig and the water begins heating. Once your water is heated, make your cup size selection, place your coffee cup on the drip tray, select a coffee pod, place that in the K-cup holder, close and let the brewing begin. This closing action pierces the coffee pod so hot steamy water can be injected into the coffee grounds and poured out the bottom of the pierced coffee pod into your cup below.

The upside to pod brewing is everyone can choose their own kind of coffee. Keurigs also brew tea and have a hot water feature for making tea, and a great bowl of oatmeal. My dad’s beef with the Keurig was the constant descaling maintenance and keeping up with the water filter, which is generally a water quality issue. Other than those two items, he loved the Keurig.

There is more to discover about coffee, but I rest my case here. Summer is upon us, and that means we need some rhubarb and asparagus recipes! Till next time. I hoist a cup of French press coffee and thank you kindly for riding along!

Plague of Blood

Welcome back to Time in the Word. I am excited because today, we get into the thick of the showdown between God and Pharaoh. If you missed last week’s devotional, you can catch that here. Today we tackle the Plague of Blood.

I will be presenting the plagues in a different format than I usually do. Hopefully, this format will make it easier to process the information. It will also allow me to pack as much information and insights as possible. As I write this, I envision someone madly scribbling out their thoughts on a chalkboard with arrows and directions on how to follow my thoughts. Thank you for hanging in there all these weeks. It took a while to get to this point.

Grab a pen and paper. Open your Bible to Exodus 7:14-25, https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=+Exodus+7%3A14-25&version=NIV. Barnes has a great free pdf to go along with our study. You can download that pdf chart here. Going forward, our devotional study will begin with:

  • supporting scripture
  • plague and its synopsis
  • gods/goddesses of Egypt God attacks
  • interesting notes and insights

Plague Number One: BLOOD

Scripture: Exodus 7:14-25

God has given Moses and Aaron instructions to meet Pharaoh at the Nile. As I’ve stated in the past devotionals, the Nile was an important part of Egyptian life. Egyptians believed that the gods blessed them through the water of the Nile. The Nile River provided life-giving water to the Egyptians for fishing, crops (during the six months it rose, it brought beautiful silt with nutrients for growing crops, left behind as it receded), and mud for making homes for their growing civilization.

Why was Pharaoh at the Nile so early in the morning? That is a good question. Biblical scholars have suggested that:

  1. Pharaoh was there to check the depth of the Nile
  2. He was there to take a bath- nobility bathed in public
  3. It was time to go to the bathroom, and he wanted to conceal his humanity- Pharaoh was thought of as a god

Whatever the reason for the Nile visit, Moses and Aaron met Pharaoh there to confront him once again. God has instructed Moses to tell Pharaoh he must let the Israelites go, and Aaron is to hold out the staff over the streams, ponds, canals and reservoirs, and God would strike the water, and the water would turn blood. This act also included water in wooden or stone jugs.

The result would be the death of fish, the water would stink, and the Egyptians would not be able to drink the water. Because the Nile had turned to blood, the Egyptians had to dig next to the Nile to find drinkable water. The land of Goshen possibly experienced this plague as well.

Moses and Aaron did as God said. The Nile and all water turned instantly turned to blood, dead fish rose to top of the Nile, and the smell was awful. Egyptians could not drink the water.

Pharaoh’s magicians performed their ‘secret arts’, and they were able to reproduce the turning of water into blood. Pharaoh’s heart was hardened. And he blew off Moses and Aaron. Seven days passed after the Nile turned to blood.

Egyptian god or goddesses the plague confronted– Barnes Bible Chart pdf

Khnum– Guardian of the Nile river’s source, https://www.britannica.com/place/Lake-Victoria

Hapi– Spirit of the Nile

Osiris– The Nile thought to be his bloodstream

Interesting notes and insights

  • Moses and Aaron showed obedience. They said and did just as God instructed.
  • Though the magicians duplicated the plague, they had to use ‘secret arts’ to perform them- Luciferian, satanic.
  • Did this plague occur in Goshen as well? This is questionable, as the Bible does not DIRECTLY speak of it affecting Goshen, where the Israelites live. Many scholars feel that the first three plagues did affect Israel as a tool to chasten them for assimilating to Egyptian life and worship of their gods.
  • Documented, historical reference of the plague/plagues in the Ipuwer Papyrus.
  • God provided the Egyptians with clean water to live. They had to dig next to the Nile, as they could not draw directly from the Nile.
  • God was letting all the Egyptians and the Israelites know he was the TRUE God.
  • We should pay attention and seek God when we see signs and wonders. The spiritual realm exists. DO NOT DOUBT IT!
  • Do not doubt God’s working in your life through various means.
  • Doubt, hardening your heart and refusing to listen lead you away from the true God.

As we think about the first plague, do you see God performing signs in wonders in your life, your work life, and the world around you? Have you asked yourself what these things may mean? Are you seeking God for wisdom and discernment?

Till next time. Thank you for joining me here in Time in the Word.


Why Fibromyalgia is a Real Pain?


Is Fibromyalgia pain REALLY real?

Originally published on January 17, 2019


Unimaginable to me, but there are people who can’t relate to dealing with pain. There are folks out there that have never had as much as a headache in their life. This is unimaginable to me.

I’m NOT one of them.

I have dealt with pain from a very early age. In the 5th grade, I started having chest pains, severe pains, like having a heart attack pains. But by the time I got to a doctor or the ER, the pain was gone or they couldn’t find the source of it. They said it was “growing pains“. Funny, I never got taller than 5’2”. Sure had a lot of pain to end up so short.

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Diagnosed RA & Fibro ~ Don’t Give Up!

Advice from a Chronic Pain Warrior

When we receive severe diagnoses, it can shake us to the depths of our souls. And many times, we don’t hear anything the doctor says after that. The last thing you need to do is sit down and give up. Let’s review a few things our doctors may or may not have expressed to you at that initial appointment. These are some things I neglected to do and have learned the hard way about it.

Advise from a pain warrior Don't Give Up.
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