COme Thou Long-Expected

Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus

Advent Hymn Studies #1 – Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus

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I love to study the lyrics of hymns. They often bless my heart probably because so often they are words straight from scripture. I haven’t done a hymn study in a while so I’m going to try to study some Christmas hymns during December. Won’t you come along with me?

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“Faith over Fear”, People of the Christmas Story: Zechariah

Welcome to today’s “Time in the Word”. Our scripture today comes from Luke 1:1-23. If you are reading this digitally you can simply click on the highlighted text, otherwise, I invite you to grab your bible and turn to Luke 1. In the coming weeks, we’ll discover how the people of the Christmas Story: Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, and Joseph chose “Faith over Fear”.

Our “Faith over Fear” Christmas bible adventure will focus on building our faith through trusting God. God fashions experiences in our lives to build trust. How was God building trust and growing Zechariah’s faith in the face of fear?

Zechariah Fast Facts: Reading Luke 1:1-10

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Of Christmas and Oysters

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I am flabbergasted at the number of folks who enjoy oyster soup or stew as a traditional Christmas Eve staple, or on Christmas Day. This delicious, gelatinous gob of phylum Mollusca, (note my sarcasm) satisfies the bellies of many year-round, but especially during the Christmas season.

How you oyster lovers stomach eating them is beyond me! I get nauseous at the very thought. Still, in order to keep the Edgerton Enterprise readership highly educated in all matters of food and story, I present to you today- the history of the oyster.

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Thanks-full Recipes!

Image by Franz W. from Pixabay

Greetings and welcome to my most favorite time of the year, THANKSGIVING! YAHOO! I’ve got some oldies and some goodies recipes to share here in our Thanks-full recipes of Thanksgiving. Next year I’m going to have Thanksgiving recipes out 2 weeks before Thanksgiving instead of you getting them on Thanksgiving Eve.

We all have many things to be thankful for and I am thankful for all you kind readers who subscribe to the Edgerton Enterprise! The word meter is running, so I’ll quit my gabbing… onto the recipes! FREEZE! I almost forgot to share my favorite Youtube video about Thanksgiving. All you “Type A” folks are going to love “The Thanksgiving Letter: Marney” It makes me laugh so hard. I hope you get a laugh too… “Stackable!” “Regulation casserole size dish!”

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Native American Heritage

7 Things Native Americans Want You to Know About Native American Heritage Month

Legacy Link-up Native American Heritage Month

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Recently I have been finding knowledgeable people to share about different ethnic heritages. November is Native American Heritage Month. I have always had a heart for Native Americans, especially since my nephew is of the Ho-chunk Tribe (part of the Winnebagos in Wisconsin). I have a blogging friend who teaches at a private Native American School. Anita Ojeda agreed to share some things we all need to learn about Native Americans. Please take a few minutes to read Anita’s post and become more aware of our American Natives. Then go to the link-up and share a post about your own heritage. Thanks.

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Give Thanks to the Lord

Welcome to today’s “Time in the Word”. I told you last week we’d finish up our Colossians passage, but I’ve got thankfulness on my mind with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up.

Our scripture today comes from Psalm 136, with our focus on verse 1. If you are reading this digitally you can simply click on the highlighted text, otherwise, I invite you to grab your bible and turn to Psalm 136:1, or I have enclosed the scripture below for you. How are you giving thanks to God? What are you thankful for?

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at risk now what

At-Risk – Osteoporosis – Now What?

I recently wrote about many of the things that cause bone loss. There are many causes from genes to medications to inactivity. I was surprised when I received the diagnosis. You might be too. So why not go to my first post and take the risk assessment quiz. Then come back and learn how you can work to prevent osteoporosis.

Surprising Diagnosis

Usually, your doctor isn’t going to order a DEXA bone density scan until you are 65. Since I am on Medicare due to disability, I get all the notes that Medicare people get. A year or so ago, I saw a note asking, “Have you had a bone scan yet?” I ignored it because I was under 60. But this spring, I thought, “Why not ask?” And my rheumatologist jumped right on it to say “Yes, have your PCP order it this summer.”

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Algona Cook Book, Circa 1910: Part Four

Welcome back to another week of the Algona Cook Book, Circa 1910. I’ve had fun bringing this to you and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading some cooking history. This week we will begin with some salad recipes and then move on through to the “Scrap Basket”.

Whoever owned this cookbook wrote some recipes on the open pages and inside the jacket, as well as noting a few of their favorites by circling them or a circle with an X. The X with circle must have been his or her favorites! Here we go with some more great Algona Cook Book recipes!

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