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Every year Mandy has had a scripture theme to study and write for you. You can choose to follow any of these devotions and receive them in your email box by signing up below the desired series. When you finish, come back and find another one.

Selah! – Think About That!

Come along with Mandy as she considers all the Psalms that have a “Selah” in them. Get an email every Saturday for the entire year. Begins in January.


O Lord, How Long? Devotions on Perseverance

Are You Struggling through a Trial Right Now?

How Long Oh Lord
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Consider joining us in our weekly devotionals on perseverance (How Long, Oh Lord?). Mandy shares about her illness which resulted in job loss and more. Learn how she perseveres with God’s help through tough times. Sign up below.

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But God

life disappoints

Let’s take a look at scriptures that state, “But God… ” Compare and contact what the world offers with the characteristics of God. An encouraging daily devotion for your soul. Receive emails Monday through Friday giving you the weekend to catch up.

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I Heart God’s Word

Devotions by Mandy in your inbox
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Fall in love with the Word of God. King Solomon wrote an acrostic in the Psalms which will convince you that staying in the Word of God makes life easier. By the end of this study, you will want to be in God’s Word every day.

Walk through Psalm 119 with King Solomon and fall in love with the Word of God. Receive weekly e-mails in your inbox. Sign up Below!