What have you Chosen to Watch this Season?

The Chosen

What are you watching on television these days?

Many times, I think it might be wise to just throw the television out with the trash. There is precious little worthwhile to watch anymore. My husband and I pretty much resort to re-runs of Andy Griffith and the like. Even “Christian” themed shows are far from the truth and usually pretty cheesy.

But recently, many friends have been raving about a new series called The Chosen. Have you seen it? We have seen it advertised quite a bit and with all my friends raving about it, we decided to take a peak and see what we thought.

First Viewing

The first few episodes didn’t catch my attention well. I was tempted to stop watching halfway through. But I encouraged my husband that maybe we should jump ahead. After all, they were just setting things up and had to use a lot of creative liberty to build the characters.

We did just that and were impressed. So, we went back and watched them all. And since doing that we have been binging on The Chosen every day to try to catch up. We’ll surely be caught up because Season 4 doesn’t start until December 2023. UPtv has been advertising the premiere of season 2 streaming to begin on Palm Sunday, April 2.

What We Think

I’d have to say that they are using Biblical stories and opening eyes to many things you may not have thought about. For example, the many, many people who came to Him for healing. He never turned anyone away, so He had long days of healing at times. Since He was a man, you know that He had to be tired and worn by the end of the day. That was depicted very well. The miracles come alive and we are shown that Jesus took His time with each person. He wanted them to see that He was God and had a plan for their life. The miracles are done superbly.

I’m also seeing more of the possible character of each disciple. They were each quite different. And they mostly had the wrong idea about what Jesus was going to do. Jesus is tenderly leading them to see His plan.

Some Things I love about The Chosen

  • Jesus took time with each person before healing them, with no blanket healing.
  • The miracles are awesome. I love the reactions of everyone.
  • How those touched by Jesus could not keep quiet. “You have got to come to see for yourself.”
  • The comradery between Jesus and the disciples; joking and having fun together.

SomeThings I Don’t Love So Much

  • There is quite a bit of creative liberty taken to set up one miracle or true event.
  • They showed Mary of Magdala returning to her old life and having to be convinced to come back. This is all fictional. Not mentioned in the Bible and I doubt that it happened.
  • All the preparations for the Sermon on the Mount. The Bible never indicated that they had a crusade with advertising and Jesus preparing a sermon. As far as I understand, the people came on their own accord. They came for healing and to hear Him speak. It was all word of mouth. There was no “stage” that He preached from. He just got up and started speaking to the crowd.
  • Events out of order. If you read the book of Matthew, you find the Sermon on the Mount happened BEFORE Matthew was even called by Jesus.
  • Other events are clumped together that in the text were not related to one another.

This program has given me fresh eyes for an “old story”. Come along and see for yourself, But bring your Bible with you. Search for yourself what the Bible says and what is historical fiction.

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Information About the Show

The Chosen

Mandy Farmer


About The Chosen
The Chosen is a groundbreaking historical drama based on the life of Jesus, seen through the
eyes of those who knew him. Set against the backdrop of Jewish oppression in first-century
Israel, the seven-season show shares an authentic and intimate look at Jesus’ revolutionary life
and teachings.
The global phenomenon has garnered over 500 million episode views worldwide, and over 110 million people have watched at least one episode. It’s available on major streaming services like
Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Peacock while all seasons remain free in The Chosen mobile and TV
apps. Viewer support through tax-deductible donations fund production and have helped make The Chosen the largest fan-supported entertainment project of all time.

– The first-ever multi-season show about Jesus​
– Completely free to watch all seasons
– Episodes have been watched over 450 million times
– Season 1 was the #1 highest crowd-funded entertainment project of all-time, raising $10 million from over 19,000 people
– Over $50 million in production costs funded for Seasons 2 and 3 via the disruptive fan-supported model
– Translated into 50 languages and counting
– The Chosen app consistently ranks in the top 50 entertainment apps on iOS and Android
– The #5 searched show across the Roku platform in 2021 Apps available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and more

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