Why is Homeschooling a Reasonable Choice for Your Family

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There is nothing new under the sun. This maxim apply applies to homeschooling. Homeschooling has been around since the first child hit the ground. We’ve forgotten that sacred duty- educating our children.

As a grandmom-mom, my attitudes about parenting and education have changed. Today, I am completely sold on educating at home, and here is why.

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If we look out to the world around us, the big issue at hand is control. Many forces are trying to destroy the parent-child relationship, Christianity, our own American Constitution, the American Republic, the economy, and gender. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture.

I firmly believe it is my sole parental right and responsibility to make sure my child is properly educated. I am raising my child to be an upstanding, productive, Constitution-loving, law-abiding, Christ-following person. In my opinion, our current educational system, as a whole, has failed. It has become more of an indoctrination station for filling young, impressionable minds with the morality-lacking gender and racial-specific mind junk we see today.

My choice of homeschooling my child is MY CHOICE, and it should be honored and respected. Choosing to homeschool generally meets with resistance from traditional education schoolers and the Christian community. Why? Because sending children off to public school for education is all they know- it’s tradition.

Most traditional education schoolers blindly follow this well-established tradition without questioning why they choose to educate their children in the public school system. – TBC

We will continue our homeschooling series in the following weeks and tackle issues like :

  • Why do folks choose to homeschool
  • Benefits of homeschooling
  • How to get your start homeschooling

Think about it…

Think back upon your child-rearing days and ask yourself, “Why did I send my child to public or private school”? Would I choose to do things differently now? Why?


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