The Road to Forgotten

It sounds like a sad story. In a way it is. It’s about a journey of mistakes and forgiveness. An adventure of fun and learning. We each have our own road that takes us home and finally, when we get to heaven it will all be forgotten.

I am thinking about my dad and the 1st anniversary of his passing away. It will be coming up here shortly. I can still feel, see, smell everything in that hospice room like I am still in that room.

After my dad passed, I remember the room being very still and just leaning into my dad’s hand and bawling. I can still feel the nurse’s hand on my back. But I remember God saying for me to be at peace because dad was home and it didn’t matter anymore. It was all forgotten when he took one last breath here and breathed the next there in heaven. The road came to an end and it was all forgotten.

I look forward to “forgotten”. The stuff, the people, the issues. Just letting it all go and being made new and it won’t matter anymore. Are you looking forward to your road to forgotten, to complete forgiveness with no thought of the incident again?

I love how God doesn’t ever remember our sins once we have asked for forgiveness- as far as the east is from the west. Forgotten and remembered no more… Free. Won’t that be something?

-Traveling the road to forgotten with you and looking forward to being really, truly free.- Michele

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