The Godly Woman & her Stolen Joy

Surrender the Joy Stealers

Many of us can testify that we have lost our joy at least some time in our lives. It’s a hard place to find yourself. And you may not even realize what is stealing your joy. I found a wonderful Bible Study that will help you rediscover your joy!

A 6-week Bible study that begins with identifying your joy stealer and then finding your way back to Jesus the Living Vine.

Chapters include: Reveal, Respond, Receive, Renew, Rest, Reach. And includes a leader’s guide in the back.

What is Stealing Your Joy?

There are so many things that could be stealing you joy. Doris will help you identify your joy-stealers. Yes, there could be more than one. But the place to start is with your relationship with the Lord.

  • Is there sin in your life?
  • disobedience?

Next, consider relationships with others:

  • Has someone hurt you?
  • Do you have misunderstandings between others that may be causing your loss of joy?
  • Is your joy loss something that God can help you change?
  • Is it something only God can change?

Doris will lead you through a study that can help you find the answers.

I’ll not go further so you can find treasure in this study. I found it a very good study. The e-book needed a little more white space, so perhaps the physical book is the way to go. I believe she leaves room for journaling there.

I pray you can defeat your joy stealers,


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