Children’s Grief: I Can’t Believe They Are Gone

I can't believe they're gone

How do we help our children grieve? What do we say? How do I deal with all the emotions that spill out at different times? We need a tool to help us talk with our children and help them grieve. I found it in this picture book to help, hug, and give hope in the midst of kids’ grief.

Beautifully illustrated. Wonderfully Written Heart-Felt Words by author Karen Brough

Hugs, Help & Hope

Are you seeking gentle guidance, help, and hope for a young heart dealing with loss?

Look no further than this touching picture book I Can’t Believe They’re Gone. Winner of the Firebird Book Award in the Children’s Grief Book Category.

Proudly endorsed by psychologists, therapists, and healthcare professionals.

The mouse family has lost someone dear…

Come follow each one as Bear helps them understand all they are feeling and how each expresses it in their own unique way.

Tiny is so quiet, I wonder if Bear will be able to help him too.

A beautifully written picture storybook, that conveys the grief stages, expressions of grief, common feelings, and ways to remember your loved one.

A picture book about dealing with grief, loss, and how ’emotions aren’t good or bad or right or wrong, they just are.’

You will find reassurance that you are not alone if you are dealing with a loss, and you may even see a little of yourself in the book’s pages.

Join the mouse family on an emotional journey as Bear, their empathetic companion, helps them navigate the complexities of grief and its unique expressions.

In this beautifully written picture storybook, children will discover the stages of grief, common feelings, and meaningful ways to honor the memory of their loved ones. With tender storytelling, this picture book reminds us that emotions aren’t good or bad, right or wrong; they just are.

If you or your child are coping with loss, find solace within these pages, knowing you’re not alone and that healing and hope are possible.

Embrace the Healing Power of I Can’t Believe They’re Gone: A Kid’s Grief Book That Hugs, Helps, and Gives Hope.

Get your copy now and embark on a heartfelt, gentle journey to cope with loss and find hope amid grief.

book review - Can't believe they're gone.

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