A Year’s Worth of Church Bulletin Boards

BUlletin Boards

One pet peeve of mine is seeing a bulletin board with old information on it.

It’s so simple to at least just take down the old information. I’ve entered church foyers and laid my eyes on bulletin boards that had not been changed in years. Ripped borders and faded paper caught my attention the most. If you looked closely, you would find outdated information.

Wouldn’t it be great to have something beautiful AND informational to greet your people?

Wouldn’t it make a better first impression on the visitor that enters in on Sunday morning?

Check your membership list, you might have a creative soul sitting right in your pews that would love to take on this ministry.

At our last pastorate, we had an amazing lady who did just that. She took it very seriously. Always working hard to have a beautiful picture for us to look at.

I asked her if she would mind if I posted some of her boards from years past. She was more than happy to share.

Maybe her boards will inspire you to create an original bulletin board at your church, too.

A Big THANK YOU to Mrs. Lana Gaston of Moultrie, Georgia for always giving our eyes something beautiful to look at.



January bulletin board


Snowflake cut-outs

religious cut-outs

blue background paper


bulletin board February



March bulletin board



April Bulletin Board Easter



May Bulletin Board - Mother's day



June bulletin board - Father's day



July BUlletin Board USA



august Bulletin Board Summertime



September Bulletin Board Fruits of the spirit



October Bulletin Board Pastor appreciation

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 Fall Leaves Cut-outs

Barn Board Kraft paper

Fall Bulletin Board borders

White Shiplap Bulletin Board Paper


November Bulletin Board Thanksgiving



December Bulletin Board Christmas

Hope you enjoy these! Maybe they will give you some ideas of your own.

Mandy Farmer

 This post originally published on ggmandy dot on October 16, 2016

 Bonus Bulletin Boards


5 thoughts on “A Year’s Worth of Church Bulletin Boards

  1. BettieG says:

    These are so pretty! How great to have such a creative person share her talents! But it sounds to me like you were a great encourager yourself, bringing out the best in those around you! Thank you for sharing your encouragement here now, for those following in the next generation!

  2. Lana says:

    Thank you, Mandy for your kind sweet words! God supplied all my needs for a bulletin board idea every month! These are a great reminder of God using me , inspiring me ! God is so Good! He certainly gets all the Glory! I thank Him with all my heart!!!!

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