A Year Reviewed

It’s hard to believe, but my grandson is approaching 16 months old. I watch him toddle and run, discover, and explore. His ever-expanding mind reminds me that God created us to learn and keep learning.

My kitchen reminds me as well of his interest in things. Pots and pans litter the floor. Spatulas (his favorite) find their way into pots and drawers. Little flour piles in the pantry from his secret visits to the flour bin. Magnetic letters in my dryer from being tossed in my kitchen laundry basket.

I would have NEVER imagined parenting at 49- NEVER. But here it is. Six in the morning wake up calls, bug exploration, water table visits, cat hugging, dog ear pulling, endless book looking and food throwing! Phew.

God did not give us a life to do as we please. He gave us a life to be used for HIS purpose and HIS glory. He never wants you to stop your wondering about him. Your awe in what he does and your drive to learn more, be better and grow.

-Appreciating our continued growth seeking him through living life, reading his word and prayer.- Michele

2 thoughts on “A Year Reviewed

  1. Patti says:

    Indeed, yes, God didn’t give us a life to do as we please. Our wholehearted embracing of HIS plan is what matters. I recently wrote a post called “What If God’s Answer Is No?” chronicling my struggle to accept his answer to my prayer for more children. No matter how many prayers I prayed or how many tears I cried, the answer remained no. It took years (17 exactly) for me to graciously accept his no. I’ve come to understand that God is more interested in us trusting HIS plan than in giving us the lives we envision.

    Patti @ Clothed with Joy

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