The Compass

I recently was chatting with a good friend and we were discussing kids and life directions. As she shared she used the analogy of a compass and raising children.

Everyone is given a compass. As parents and mentors, we teach our children what the compass is for and how to use it. God is everyone’s true North.

As children grow and accept more responsibility they begin to use the compass more and more on their own. Once they turn 18, you let go of teaching and let them “use” their own compass.

Some will do well, others will not and some may need to refer to you from time to time. Whether or not they fail, GOD is still true North.

Handing off the compass can be hard to do, especially when we see them use the compass to take them to places they shouldn’t be, doing things they shouldn’t do. We need to remind ourselves it’s not our personal compass; we have our own.

-Handing over the compass with an open hand with you. -Michele

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