Consequences or Love?

I was listening to Real Recovery last night- it’s one of my favorite shows. I like Real Recovery because it’s about redemption and renewal. As the show’s hosts were talking with the guest, one of the hosts asked the guest this question: “Do you chose not to sin because of the consequences or because you love Jesus?”

The guest answered he said that his old self would have said consequences and not for the love of Jesus. As I listened to them talk I questioned myself as well and I have to admit I thought immediately about the consequences of doing particular sins and didn’t really think about my “love” for Jesus.

How did you answer that question? Do you refrain from sin out of Love for Jesus or are you more concerned about the consequences?

-Re-adjusting my thought process with you, wanting a relationship and my savior’s love first.- Michele

3 thoughts on “Consequences or Love?

  1. Bettie G says:

    Oh, yes, I am joining you in that prayer. Jesus, keep my heart lifted to You, be my first love. This is the 2nd time that someone has referred to that in just a few minutes of my reading! I am so thankful for HIS confirmations.

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