Pain Comes for the Holidays

Pain for the holidays

Ah, Friend, Happy Holidays!

So here we are again at the holiday season. I have always loved so much about the holiday season. I  love the cooler weather, the baking, the planning of parties, and Christmas decorating and caroling. But most of that is no longer true for me. Yes, pain comes for the holidays at my place.

Head and shoulders

We have barely made it through Thanksgiving and I am already feeling the pain from head to toe. My scalp is tender to the touch. I don’t dare put a hat on my head or pin up my hair. It’s as if every strand is pulling on my scalp one by one. If you have ever had long hair, I know you know how it feels to have someone pull just a few strands of hair. Ouch! Now imagine if you have this happening with each strand all over your head.

Knees and Toes

My fingers and toes have this tingling feeling like they are about to fall asleep. And my joints are swollen. Trying to open a jar or do anything intricate with my hands has become a painful ordeal. Oh, and my feet, most of the time it’s like walking on a bed of nails. Truly painful.

This year, even with socks on my feet, it feels much like walking on a dirty kitchen floor in your bare feet. (I could never deal with that.) I was always willing to keep the kitchen floor swept when I was growing up.)

Knees and Toes

Then, of course, there are the knee joints that are just outright painful. I never go anywhere without my cane. I may start out alright, but at any moment a knee could go out and I am unable to put any pressure on that leg. I probably should have a walker if I plan to walk any distance at all. I’m so thankful that I have my husband always at my side. (UPDATE: My doctor was able to help me get a walker at no cost.)


These are the specific pains, but then there is this fibro pain that quietly waits for someone to touch me. It doesn’t hurt until someone taps me on the arm or offers me a hug.  Then it’s as if the pain is on some type of amplifier machine and the volume knob has been turned up to 10. Oh, my goodness, just go ahead and hit me with a bat. Well … maybe not. That would break a bone. [hee hee]

Yeah, Pain Comes for the Holidays

Well, I hate to be a downer but this is my life during the holidays. I’m not sure there is anything that can be done to help me. Some of it is caused by the cooler weather, then there is additional activity. You see, while it is good to get moving, it is also bad to overdo it and during the holidays it is way too easy to overdo it. I’ve cut out a lot of my baking and decorating which I always loved to do but it’s just a necessity now to stop it.  [boo hoo]

I May Not Make it to Your Party

Speaking of overdoing, I am going to have to limit my party going. If I am able to come, it will be only for a short while. I hope you understand if I arrive late and/or leave early. I want to at least show up for a little fellowship. It gets pretty lonely at the house.

Hey, here’s an idea, when you are out and about, drop by for a short visit. That would make my day.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”c85_8″ via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]Drop by for a short visit. That would make my day.[/ctt]

I’ll also admit that getting too much sugar can also turn up the pain. And I love my sugar and sweet treats. It’s another reason I just stay away from parties. I’m trying to not eat much while there; so, please, try not to offer me too much. (I’m a Sugar-holic and I can’t say no. 🙁  ) .. And when you do offer me those yummy sweets, could you maybe give me a very small portion?

So anyway, thanks for remembering me and inviting me to your party. I’ll see how I’m feeling that day. I hope you understand if I can’t make it.

With love and appreciation,

Mandy Farmer

P.S. Yeah! Pain Comes to the Holidays. Here is a great post I found for navigating the holidays.

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