Nothing New Under the Sun: Baal and Ishtar Part One

Image by intographics from Pixabay

I used to think that the Bible has that saying wrong- “there is nothing new under the sun”, but I was wrong. Sin is nothing new. And today, I speak specifically about sexual sin, and everything that encompasses that, especially our recent social encounter with Transgenederism.
The Roman Empire was great. The Romans ruled with a large and mighty fist. They had a great form of governance, BUT their many gods, worship of them, and their sexual debauchery prominent in upper society led to their moral demise and eventually their mighty reign.
The Romans were known for their government, bathhouses, and elicit sex. Many of the gods/goddesses they worshiped had temple prostitutes. Much of their worship was in sex with temple prostitutes.
Many gods and goddesses are recycled into different cultures with different names and various attributes. Thor went by several names over the centuries.
A god and goddess I would like you to focus your attention on are Baal and Ishtar. More tomorrow as I pull this all together for you. The devil has no new tricks, friends. All he can do is dress sin up differently to try and fool you. More tomorrow.-M

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