Connections: Part Two

If you missed yesterday’s Connections devotional, you can catch that here. The first connection Adam and Eve shared was the donation of his rib- a part of his chest. I’ve questioned what the meaning of the rib meant. Ribs protect your lungs and heart. Ribs are a bone and bones create bone marrow- red blood cells which carry oxygen. In ancient times, a chest signified charity.

Bone of my bone

Your lungs and heart are two major organs in your circulatory system. They transport oxygen to your body, and then you breathe out Co2 and take in oxygen back inside your lungs.

The circulatory system also pushes out water from your heart so it has the elasticity to squeeze and lungs so you can continue to breathe using all your lung capacity.

Sexual connection

Their second connection is in Genesis Chapter Four. This is where Adam knew Eve- they had a sexual relationship. Sexual connections are important, and not to be treated lightly.

I’ll be back tomorrow to talk more about this type of connection.

Where do you see sexual connections causing harm?-M

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