Nothing New Under the Sun: Baal and Ishtar Part Two

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Baal And Ishtar are still prominent gods and goddesses of today. Let’s look at Baal.
Baal was a Canaanite god. God had told the Israelites that they were to remove the Canaanites and many other peoples from the land. This meant they were to kill them.

But, as we see many times in Exudos and following scripture books, the Israelites DID NOT LISTEN and OBEY to God’s instructions. These peoples were to be removed from the land because God knew the Israelites would be led astray by their god Baal. And their disobedience and lack of faith in completely removing them from the promised land proved deadly to the Israelites in more ways than one.

Baal’s meaning is “lord” and “owner”. He controlled the weather and fertility- many gods had some fertility attributes.
Baal is represented by a “ram”, “thunderbolt” or “bull”. Oftentimes, in Biblical accounts and pictures, Baal is the bull with arms outstretched, ready to receive live child sacrifices. Parents would bring their firstborn and place it in Baals’ arms and the baby would roll down into the burning fire.

While these sacrifices went on, musicians played loud and wild music so you couldn’t hear the cries of the babies. Interesting, isn’t it? They needed the music to drown out the screams. They knew it was wrong.
Notice, friends, evil always requires BLOOD and death. And you always have to do this because the gods were always angry. You could never do enough or live life perfectly to suit them.

On September 22, 2016, a replica of the arches that led into the temple of Baal was displayed in NY. It was celebrated by many. NY is important to America because it was the first home of the capital of the USA. Many covenants with the “first steps” of America were made there.

Satan doesn’t like freedom or God’s way of doing things. So, setting up Baal’s arches was a way to signal that Satan was in charge of NY and the things that go on there.

Planned Parenthood was the first free-standing abortion clinic in the United States to open in Syracuse, NY, in 1970. Are you starting to see any parallels?

What image stands down by Wallstreet?- A BULL.

I could write a small book about the religious significance of NY. Do some research yourself, and see what has gone on in NY! NY is God’s city and state, and he is coming to cleanse it.

A great book to read is The Harbinger by Johanath Cahn. It talks about Baal and Ishtar and their reign in America.
Tomorrow- Ishtar.- M

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