Mentoring Resource…Adorned- Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together

I have been waiting years for a women’s mentoring resource like this.

This post was previously written in Mandy’s older blog GGMandy dot com. This is an excellent resource of which I still highly recommend.


Living out the Beauty of the Gospel Together

by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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As a pastor’s wife, I have tried different times to encourage our ladies to live out the Titus 2 woman model. I used Bible Studies on the topic but I never seemed able to really get the point across. It wasn’t easy to explain nor or to share why we should live this kind of life. Partly, I had older women whom I respected questioning the principle. I didn’t know how to answer them. But mainly, I didn’t have the right mentoring resource to help me.

Today, we have millennial women begging for direction. But the situation is worse. The older women think the younger women do not want their help. They feel the young women do not want to hear their message. But this is not true.

And I believe “Adorned” is the mentoring resource we need.

Nancy takes Titus 2:1-5 and dissects it nearly word for word, teaching us how to live godly lives.  This is the key. Not that any of us have arrived, but the work starts in our own hearts. Then as we learn, we turn and take the hand of the one following our footsteps. Nancy speaks to both the younger women and the older women, encouraging them to do this life together. We need each other.

She divides the study into three parts: 

  1. A Woman Under God 
  2. Woman Under Control
  3. A Woman Under Her Roof
  4. Plus, an epilog pulling it all together, A Woman Overjoyed

A Great Personal Guide for Becoming a Godly Woman

Even when ignoring the whole mentoring issue, this book has so much from which to glean and learn for any woman of any age. I felt that Nancy did an excellent job dealing with each directive, especially those “touchy” issues most of us do not want to face, such as, self-control and submission. Oh, there they are… the “S” words. But she understands our desire to run from these words and gently explains the meaning and how “biblical submission is a gracious gift from the Lord. A good thing. A Beautiful Thing.”

A Wonderful Bible Study Tool and Mentoring Resource

Additionally, it is a wonderfully beautiful book to study together inter-generationally. Nancy offers thought-provoking questions for both the younger and older women to “Make it Personal” in addition to an entire website of resources at your fingertips. On her website, you can download group discussion questions for each chapter. I can hardly wait to start a book/Bible study using this book. A great way to start your mentoring program.

Finally, I haven’t devoured a book like this in a long time. Pick up this mentoring resource, Adorned today. Get one for yourself and another for your daughter, niece, friend, or bride-to-be. Start devouring the truth found in this book.

Striving for a Godly Life;

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  1. Nice book recommendation. You are right, some of these issues are not easy ones to address!

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