Garden of Good and Evil

With the addition of Trey in our home, we have had to readjust from empty nesters to nesters. He is now mobile in his walker and makes the rounds on the Babytona circuit- from the kitchen, into the hallway, up the hallway around into the foyer, through the foyer into the dinning room, and from the dinning room, right into the kitchen again, around the island and the circuit starts all over again.

There does lie a bit of temptation in the dinning room- my plant collection. I have them all cornered in the sunlight. Christmas cactus, succulents, and two others which I have no name for. The cactus and the succulents are not poisonous, but the other two I am going to assume are. We call this cornered area the Garden of Good and Evil.

Trey knows that he is not to play with the plants. He loves to grab and rip. When I first started telling him “no”, it was very hard for him. He would round the table and park right in front of the plants. He would look and reach out, then pull his hand back and look for me.

It was very tempting for him. Every so often I would catch him flicking his fingers in the Christmas cactus. He would flick the leaves and then turn to look if I was there. It was cute to watch him process and struggle with temptation and restraint.

We all struggle with being in our own gardens of good and evil. Some of us may struggle with eating disorders, alcoholism, spending money, gambling, gossiping. What is deadly for one person doesn’t bother the next.

Sometimes we come so close, we just want to see what it’s like. Just to know and like Trey run our fingers through it. Jesus is right there with you. You know you shouldn’t, but temptation is overwhelming.

Gratefully Trey has me to watch and say “no”. I sometimes have to redirect him to something else- its his way of escape. Jesus provides that for you, BUT YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR THE ESCAPE. Maybe the phone rings, or someone knocks at your door, the car won’t start, someone doesn’t show up. These are all opportunities of escape. USE THEM! Don’t ignore them.

Jesus is always willing and able to produce you a way of escape. I hope you use it!

-Being watchful with you when tempted for our ways of escape!- Michele

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