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Searching for Completeness

Today’s Sunday Lyric is inspired by the FMF Prompt, COMPLETE

Building Puzzles

Our family enjoys building puzzles together. In recent years, my husband has sneaked into the den to take a piece of the puzzle. We would work for weeks to finish the puzzle only to find the last piece missing. We would look everywhere for the piece to no avail.

Just at the right time, my husband would walk in and place his one piece into the puzzle and claim the “prize” as the one who finished the puzzle. He did this several times. Soon the kids caught on and more quickly ran to him for the final piece.


Then one time, he swore he had not taken a piece of the puzzle. So the puzzle was incomplete. There is nothing like not being able to complete a puzzle. It feels like all the work was to no avail. So what do you do? Leave it sitting there until you find the piece or just through the whole thing away? My husband tried finding another piece from other puzzles or from the edge to fit in, but nothing ever looked right.

Do you Feel Complete?

It is similar in our own lives. You see, God created man in His image and he said, “It is good.” But he wanted to give us a choice of letting Him be a part of our lives. So He took one piece, a God-shaped piece and He waits for us to include Him in our picture. He waits for us to ask for that piece.

Typically, we put our lives together but something is missing. We try all kinds of things to fill the void in our lives.

  • sports,
  • music,
  • art,
  • family,
  • good things.

But the problem remains that it does not fit in the void.

God waits patiently, for us to ask Him to come in and complete our lives. Have you asked Him in to complete you? It’s as easy as A,B,C (click here to learn more)

Pray this prayer in song. Complete by Parachute

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