The Turtle Spitter

I was given for my birthday, anniversary, and Christmas a small pond liner, with pump, fountain, 1/2 inch hosing, and… a TURTLE SPITTER. This is its formal, official landscaping term name- “turtle spitter”, It spits water from the pump back into the pond. It more or less happily recycles the water.

This turtle has a happy look on his face despite having a hose clamped to his rear end. He continues day and night to “spit” the water out of his mouth like a fountain.

I am reminded today that God is my filter. When I go to him in pray and scripture ready- giving him my cares, worries he filters them out for me, and then the Holy Spirit comes and fills me back up!

How is God filtering for you today? How is the Holy Spirit filling you?

– Enjoying the peace of filtering and filling with you.

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