Finding God in the Pain of Life

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Do I Know Pain?

Finding God in the pain of life

Yes. I have known pain; as the short, fat girl who was always chosen last to years of chronic pain, to the pain of betrayal and deceit that crushes your soul. I have felt physical pain and emotional pain. But there is something else I have known – I am finding God has become my Faithful Friend.

Over the years, I have found God to come through no matter what kind of pain I might be experiencing. I like to share with you some of the things I have learned through my pain.

Finding God in The Early Years

In those early elementary years, I truly found him as a true friend and the Lifter of my Head. He chose me from the beginning of time as his child. I am grateful to have had an earthy father who showed me the love of The Father. My favorite place to be was in my Daddy’s lap. This helps me see myself, even now, climbing into my Father’s arms anytime and He holds me secure.

The Challenging Teen Years

In those challenging teen years, He showed Himself as my Creator. He gave my value when few others did. He was my Rock and my Deliverer when I was treated unfairly and My Refuge when I needed a place to run.

Early Adult Life

In college and early adulthood, I was far from home. He became my greatest teacher as I grew from trial to trial with grace upon grace. He kept me stable as an Anchor and my Sure Foundation when I wasn’t sure life was worth the trouble He became my Source of Life.

Family Life ~ Ministry Life

As a mother and pastor’s wife, He became my Overcomer as I learned new and sometimes hard lessons. He was my Refiner when I realized that I needed to change my attitude or improve my actions.

When my husband was betrayed by the church and we were turned away, we found Him to be our Promise Keeper, our Joy, our Protector, our Provider.

Finding God In Sickness

And now as I struggle with chronic pain, He is my Great Physician and Healer. Although physically, I haven’t been healed, my spirit is whole. “And He walks with me and talks with me and calls me His own.” He has become my Shepherd, as I quote Shepherd’s Psalm when I face sleepless nights or facing a painful injection or procedure. I recently found this new life verse:

Psalm 73:26; pain of life
created by Mandy in

Through it all, He is the God that Sees Me. He knows exactly where I am and what is happening. He holds me in the palm of His hands. In fact, he has inscribed my name there and I am safe! (Isaiah 49:15-16)

Friend, No matter what pain you may be feeling today, I urge you to seek Him in your pain because He can be found just as He promised.

Feeling Your Pain,

Mandy Farmer

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4 Comments on “Finding God in the Pain of Life”

  1. Mandy, Thank you for sharing not only how He has been there in the pain but how you have come to know Him personally by name. I’ve always felt that His Names are one of the best and most powerful ways to know Him more deeply. Your post was a great encouragement this morning, and thank you for sharing the link to The Names of Jesus downloadable.

  2. You are welcome! This came most directly to me when my husband and I were removed from his position at church. Someone gave me Anne Graham Lots’ book Wounded by the Church. She talks about Hagar and how she found the God Who Sees Me. It was a great comfort. Thanks for coming by, Deborah.

  3. Dear Mandy,
    Thank you for sharing your story, and the different ways that the Lord has met you through the years. He truly is so faithful in every pathway, even betrayal and pain. You are an encouragement, dear sister. Blessings and love and prayers for you!

  4. Thank you, Bettie. I believe that it is one of the reason that we go through trials… so that we can “Comfort others”.
    God bless

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