On Guard

I really like having a dog. Our dog Tucker has many health concerns but keeps plugging along and enjoys living life with us. He loves to be outside rolling in the grass, pestering the tame barn cats, swimming in the creeks, eating nests of voles, and hunting up pheasants.

One of the blessings of having Tucker is that he is my constant friend and companion. He is always on alert even when I am distracted. Since the arrival of my Grandbaby, he has taken to Trey and feels it is his duty to alert me to ANY and VERY bit of road, driveway, and pasture presences.

His barking disturbs many a baby nap- which is totally frustrating. I have had a few good cries over destroyed naps. But I know he can’t help it, he’s on guard.

Right now he is softly snoozing on the floor just 10 feet away. At his vantage point, he can see Trosky road, driveway, the pasture, and the front door as well as the door to the baby’s room- perfect.

I have learned that though he may sound asleep, you make a small sound and an eye slowly opens and looks around to the sound. There have been plenty of times when an unwanted presence is in this house and his hair is on end and he has the bark of warning. Good boy Tucker! Grandma get out your prayers and take care of business.

The Holy Spirit is like that, though you may not know it, see it, feel it… he IS working. He is on alert for things that are out to destroy you. He speaks to us in ways we can relate to in the moment.

I am glad for my Tucker and especially glad the Holy Spirit gives me urgings I have learned to pay attention to. Thank you Holy Spirit for working in our life, may we always be attentive to your calling and respond. AMEN

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