I can not stress enough to y’all to get the YouVersion app! DO IT! Download it to your phone or tablet and start using it. Make sure you sign up for the devotion by Charles Stanley entitled “Finding Peace”.

Today’s devotion talked about David being on the run in fear of Saul killing him. In fact, in 1Samuel 19 it talks about David fleeing to Samuel who, along with other prophets, prophesied over David. And DESPITE Saul sending three individual groups of soldiers to kill David- they could not kill him. Instead, they prophesied in front of him!

Can you imagine, sending 3 groups of soldiers at 3 different times to kill your enemy and each group ends up prophesying over your enemy? Well, Saul did, and he got so disgusted he went up to kill David himself. But the same thing happened to Saul… he fell and prophesied as well.

All that to say- NOTHING GOD HAS PLANNED FOR YOU CAN BE STOPPED. The enemy can send as many troops as he wants, and the results will be the same.

“Though war breaks out against me, I will not fear…” This verse is part of my favorite chapter in Psalm 27. Sometimes though I forget God’s promise and I start to fear.

Is someone threatening you? Are their actions making you feel afraid? Grab your shield of faith, act wisely. Our fear is rooted in doubt. Doubt God will show up. Doubt God can protect. Doubt God will provide.


-Getting rid of fear and filling up in faith with you.

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  1. Amen! It’s so easy to forget that God is with us all the time. We might LIKE what happens to us, but we don’t have to fear it because it’s part of his perfect will.

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