Simply Tuesday-An Invitation to Something Greater Than Ourselves

Simply Tuesday

Simply Tuesday

I picked up this book because I had enjoyed some of the author’s blog writings. Little did I know that I would connect with her immediately because we are both experiencing a similar time in life. We are both the wife of a pastor who has recently resigned from his position and is still in the “waiting on God” moments in life.

[originally posted 11-07-16]

In The Speed of Fast, We Need a Simply Tuesday

In this world of everything at the speed of fast, Emily Freeman, encourages us to enjoy the small things, to slow down, and enjoy life. She says, “Small is an invitation to participate in something greater than ourselves.” When we take the time to sit, watch and listen we find the beautiful again. We are refreshed and we see what God is doing … in our own lives and in the world. We see how our small part is significant in the whole wide scheme of things.

“Never despise small beginnings”. Start by picking up Simply Tuesday and be encouraged!


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3 Comments on “Simply Tuesday-An Invitation to Something Greater Than Ourselves”

  1. I have that book and found it very inspiring! Usually I go through books pretty quickly to get the gist of what they’re about. With this one I want to go back and read it again, this time slowly. Blessings!

  2. This sounds like a book I need on my shelves! In the wait of a prayer sent out is where the most important part of living takes place.

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