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Prompt: Adjust


Adjust: verb, to adapt or become used to a new situation.

What an appropriate word for me this week. We just moved from a townhome we loved to a slightly smaller apartment. While we were saddened to say goodbye to neighbors we have grown to love, we are now just a couple minute walk from our daughter and her husband. I can adjust to that!

The strange thing is that I am having trouble just adjusting to normal life: to my regular habits. All because we are in a different place. Yes, It’s true that we are all on the infamous “shelter in place” edict. But that hasn’t really affected my husband and me.

Basically, we stay at home other than visits to the doctor and church. Our church is streaming live so we have all the same habits. We happened to have a doctor’s appointment yesterday. It was a bit of an adjustment to get stopped at the door and asked several health questions to be sure they would allow us to enter. We entered our doctor’s office to find only about half the amount of chairs and they were all separated by several feet. Then I am accustomed to going in to meet the doctor with my husband. This time I had to stay in the hall and wait. Oh well, it all seemed to go alright. Just different.

It was an adjustment to stay home and watch church online. Wednesday night we had a wonderful discussion at Bible Study online. We actually had more attending than we normally do.


The nice thing was that some who aren’t able to attend physically are able to attend virtually (including us). There’s always a silver lining in every situation. What is the silver lining for you during this quarantine? How are you adjusting? Share in the comments.

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4 Comments on “FMF: Adjust”

  1. These days change the way I interact,
    and whom I walk beside,
    but there is a basic fact:
    they can’t change what’s inside,
    unless I allow the fear
    to take root within my soul,
    and let the mad tension sear
    my very heart, and take a toll
    on the faith that should sustain,
    on the trust that God deserves,
    on my hamster-wheeling brain
    (that admittedly sometimes swerves
    from accepted Gospel truth,
    and then, like Thomas, I want PROOF).

  2. Amen, such great thoughts here, from you and from Andrew! Praise God that He does help us when it’s too hard for us to adjust on our own. He is right here. Praying for you as you settle in your new home!

  3. Thanks, Bettie for checking in and encouraging. You are the best even when you are not well, you encourage others. God bless. Love and prayers!

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