Me and My Pit Boss Smoker

I am not sure if you have a smoker at home, but I would highly recommend you get a Pit Boss smoker. I was very skeptical at first. I went to Tinklenberg Hardware several times to look at different brands and then I would return home and do research.

What you talkin’ about Willis?

Pricing was a big factor in not buying a smoker. I really didn’t know anyone who had a smoker or understand the versatility of a smoker, so I just kept asking around for advice and reading reviews.  One day, while in Tinklenberg Hardware, Beth asked me if I was still thinking about a smoker, and showed me a new line of smokers that they had recently got in.

his new line was from Pit Boss. I began to check over the Pit Boss 700SC. This was a smoker AND a grill.  I didn’t like the idea of having two grills on my deck, so a 2 in 1 was a great bonus.  Beth went over and explained the Pit Boss line, talked about the differences between Pit BossTraeger, and Louisiana Grills. Because of my lack of experience using a smoker and not wanting to spend a fortune, I chose the Pit Boss. I liked its current sale price, $450.00 as well as the ability to smoke or grill, it had a digital temp gauge and looked easy to run- SOLD!

Pit Boss I think I love you

Pit boss grill 700sc
Photo by Michele Bruxvoort

Here are the specifications on the Pit Boss 700SC, just imagine “Tim the Tool Man Taylor” reading you the overview….


A dual-rack cooking system on Pit Boss 700SC wood pellet grill maximizes interior space, delivering a grill-master-satisfying 700 square inch cooking area.”

The wide temperature range of 180°F to 500°F and dial-in digital control with LED readout makes it easy to adjust cooking from low and slow to fiery and fast. Fueled by all-natural hardwood pellets stored in the 21-pound-capacity hopper, the PB700SC has a flame broiler with a simple slide plate for direct and indirect flame grilling, while the convection system circulates air for a consistent temperature throughout the cooking chamber.

Heavy-duty steel construction features a powder-coat finish to resist high temperatures, and the bottom shelf and side shelf, with tool hooks and bar handle, add a little extra storage space for all your cool grilling stuff. Four heavy-duty caster wheels promote easy rolling from storage to patio and back again. Other convenient features include a stainless steel bottle opener, pellet cleanout door, and removable grease trays.

Pit Boss website

Beth then set her saleswomen hook and said “Dustin has been letting people take a smoker home and use it for 3 weeks to see how they like it. We will even throw in a bag of free wood pellets.” I was a bit thrown back but quickly recovered. This Dutch girl was not about to let this smoker deal pass her by. Not often does someone give you a “try before you buy” and let you try for nearly a month! I said “Yes!”

SIDEBAR- Here is where you have to PAY ATTENTION! Lean in close, cause have I got a deal for you. If you want to try a smoker from Tinklenberg Lumber simply go in and ask to “try before you buy”. Have no fear friends, I did my due diligence and asked if this “deal” was still available and Dustin said yes. Be good about it and don’t get all Dutchie with yourselves. Might as well post your old grill on the Edgerton Exchange cause that Pit Boss smoker won’t ever see the inside of Tinkleberg Hardware again.

Christmas in June

medium rare steak
Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay

My mind began to compile a list of all the things I wanted to try on the smoker. We had a family reunion coming up in a week and all the family would be out. This made it a perfect time to put the smoker to the test. It was going to be hog heaven feast with ribs, pork loins, and pork steak.

Dustin dropped off the smoker by our home and gave Brad a quick run-through on how the smoker worked, gave us the free bag of pellets, handed us the owner’s manual and drove off into the sunset.

Here we go

Ribs and roast on a smoker
Image by Christoph Sauer from Pixabay

With the family reunion in full swing, it was time to bring out the smoker and let the pork-a-palooza begin. We filled the smoker with the desired “flavor” of wood pellets- mesquite. Set our temperature for 200 degrees and let the smoker take its fifteen minutes to get smokin’.

We had researched the cook times on all our meat choices and had a plan. Carefully we began to place our meats and slowly smoke them throughout the next two hours. It was hard to concentrate with all the yummy pork goodness smoking away.


Supper time finally arrived and the smells were beyond delicious! We sat down to a feast of ribs, pork loin, pork steak, veggies, tea rolls, and lastly cheesecake.

Everyone was quite pleased with the turnout, especially Brad. There was some serious pressure to cook all that meat and have it turn out well. We were completely sold on the Pit Boss. Overall I highly recommend the Pit Boss 700SC. It is a great grill/smoker to start off with for the average size family. The ease and ability to either smoke or grill make this an irresistible option. The price is reasonable as well.

Stay tuned next week for some great smoker recipes:

  • banana bread
  • meatloaf
  • wings

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  1. Our son and daughter-in-law just got a smoker to be able to smoke all of the fish that he catches. It all sounds yummy to me! 🙂

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