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Welcome back! Before we start, I want to tell you that September will be my last devotional for Time in the Word. Life is constantly changing; some seasons require more attention than others. But before I leave, I thought it would be helpful to remind you why we are Christians, or why you should believe in Jesus Christ. Why I Believe will look at questions non-Christian folk often ask about why we believe in Jesus and the Bible.

Why’s and how’s of my belief

I really can’t pinpoint the exact moment I began believing, but I can tell you I have always felt Jesus with me. Now, that may be something you can’t relate to. It is the only way to explain why I began believing in the truth of Jesus.

My parents were influential in providing me with opportunities to hear stories about Jesus, sing about Jesus, and learn about Jesus and the Christian faith. This faith grew through Five Day Club, Sunday School, and Catechism (yes, I had to memorize questions and answers), as well as Jr. High and Sr. High Youth Group and beyond.

I took what I heard and by faith, believed. Today, that type of faith- hearing and believing is rarity. Everything has moved to a “prove it” type of belief.

You were indoctrinated

If ever the was an inflammatory word used regarding my journey of belief in Jesus and embarking on my walk as a Christian, I would say “indoctrinated” would be that word. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word indoctrinate means:

Definition of indoctrinate

transitive verb

1to imbue with a usually partisan or sectarian opinion, point of view, or principle

2: to instruct especially in fundamentals or rudimentsTEACH

Woke society would tell you (that should tip you off) that your belief in Jesus, and your faith as a Christian was only the result of your parents indoctrinating you.

My faith and belief are a result of being taught the truth and accepting it by faith.

Unfortunately, we now live in a society that has moved beyond Christianity being a foundational part of society. It gets lumped with the rest of “religion”. Like a supermarket of faiths to choose from.

My truth doesn’t have to be your truth…

Many have settled for a feel-good doctrine church. They don’t want to hear they are sinning. They want to feel good about themselves, play the Jesus part on Sunday, and then get on with their Monday through Saturday real life.

If we look at our current woke culture, where do you see their indoctrination of children and adults? From fashion and the music industry to media and education. These all work to indoctrinate you and me into submitting to our flesh. Your truth is your truth, no moral right or wrong. Coexist. It’s all a lie from the Father of Lies.

Why do you believe?

‘Why do you believe?’, is a great question, and it’s one we all need to know the answers to. I believe God will pour on America a movement of his Spirit like we’ve never seen before. He wants no one to perish and will pull out all the stops with signs, wonders, and miracles! Bringing about a measure of new believers as we have never seen before. Therefore, current Christians need to grow up and get ready to mentor the masses.

Join me next week when we look at Chip Ingram’s book “Why I Believe”. I would suggest you invest in the book and the study book. You can get those here, https://livingontheedge.org/broadcast-series/why-i-believe/?media=daily. Be sure to listen to his sermons on “Why I Believe”, print off the sermon notes, and download the free MP3!

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