Why I Believe: Part Two

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This week we look at Chip Ingram’s book “Why I Believe”. I suggest you invest in the book and the study book. You can get those here, https://livingontheedge.org/broadcast-series/why-i-believe/?media=daily. Be sure to listen to his sermons on “Why I Believe”, print off the sermon notes, and download the free MP3!

Being a Christian and Christianity has received some brutal punches throughout history. Because Christians are seen as bigots, prejudiced, anti-science, and anti-intellectual, the general attitude towards Christians has become increasingly hostile. These attitudes have led to the gospel being viewed as not credible.

Not credible status

Not being credible has made Christians virtually ineffectual in society. Here are a few depressing points, in my opinion, of where we are as Christians and as the Body of Christ:

  • Church attendance is poor.
  • A moral decline among Christians.
  • Poor Bible knowledge.
  • Christian families breaking apart.
  • Low tithing,
  • Teens abandon their faith after high school.

What was, is no longer

Chip challenges us with the style and manner by which we communicate with believers and non-believers. We have to change how we present our apologetics. Apologetics is used to aim at answering questions about how and why we believe. Now we need to guide apologetics to our youth along with current believers.

In the past, history, data, and facts presented Christianity’s intellectual side and truth. Today, through a caring and compassionate lifestyle, we will prove the relevance of our beliefs. Our focus needs to be on winning over an audience, not winning a debate.

When we shared the gospel, we operated on what we perceived as a level playing field where truth was an objective reality. Today we walk carefully through the constantly changing subjective reality of truth.

Unfortunately, today the world and the Church suffer from biblical illiteracy. In the past, the Church and the world shared an ordinary knowledge of the Bible.

Why I Believe

In the book “Why I Believe” Chip provides us with a thoroughly vetted, commonsensical approach that everyday folks can comprehend. This approach provides us with an “intellectual and historical basis for our faith, and to talk intelligently and confidently with our friends, family, and coworkers…”.

We can no longer present the gospel as we were accustomed to. Chip lends us a hand, by walking us through:

  • Belief in the resurrection of Christ
  • Undisputed death of Christ
  • The historical authenticity of the Bible
  • Life beyond death
  • Creation versus Evolution
  • God and Science

Next week, we will address each of the thoughts above! Thanks for joining me here in Time in the Word.

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