What Can We Learn From a Broken Heart?

broken heart

broken heart

My experience of love these past two years has been heartbreaking. But when I look back- it’s the areas that broke my heart that taught me the most.

Broken Expectations

Broken expectations leave a person left with what remains. And what remains is the truth, no matter how painful that truth may be.

Often in family and friendship- especially the kind of friendship that is viewed as family, we expect these friends and family to always have your back, always be there for you. After all, when we think of love, that is one aspect that seems most definitive of it.

The truth of love, however, is that the depth of it runs differently for each person. Their depths of love are based on their understanding and perception of love and those things are based on a person’s experience in life.

Unconditional Love is rare

All that to say, love, true, unconditional love, is rare. Love that doesn’t expect things in return and isn’t based on anything other than simply wanting the best for another person, because you simply and only care about that person’s wellbeing- that experience, is rare.

When experience breaks your heart enough- soon expectation is broken. And it’s there that humans are left to decide how they will allow love back in their hearts.

Allow Truth to Define your Heart

What I have learned is that your heart, is your responsibility. Giving someone the power to influence it is a big gift and it is one that shouldn’t be done lightly. You’re responsible for allowing what shapes and defines your heart. It is very important to have a healthy boundary for yourself and to allow truth first to define your heart. Truth takes awake selfish ambition, truth keeps you humble enough to know you’re not perfect and brave enough to know when to stand and speak up.

I’m not sure that this post is so much about love as it is about self-respect, but I believe one cannot love from a truthful place without first having self-respect.

Love and Self-Respect

Truth and an Open Heart Builds a Foundation for Love Share on X

It is up to you to find Truth and to open your heart to it. When you do, you will find humility and strength. And then, you will receive the foundation to love, truly, yourself and others.

-Thoughts from Jessie ❤️✊️

6 Comments on “What Can We Learn From a Broken Heart?”

  1. There truly are many things that a broken heart can teach us, Jessie. And I agree that defining our hearts with God’s truth is the best way to live! Thanks for this encouragement!

  2. Of course! God has a way of not just teaching- but changing our hearts. The work of the Holy Spirit. It is how God enriches our lives- by changing our hearts with His truth- it is our responsibility to keep our hearts only open to that!

  3. I clicked on your link on the Monday linkup because of your title. Recently, I experienced a mama’s broken heart in a way I never imagined possible. It hurts the most when you love the most. And the one thing I’m learning is to keep giving your broken heart to Jesus and keep loving. I appreciate your thoughts on love and respect.

  4. I agree completely, that real love can not exist in the absence of self-respect.

    I’m in what some might call a heartbreaking situation, dying of pancreatic cancer and non-Hodgkins lymphoma at rather a young age.

    But I don’t see it that way.

    Now it really hurts to stand,
    and I spin a couple times,
    deferring to the swollen glands
    in these malignant times.
    The road used to soar ahead
    to heights of aspiration;
    but now they say I’ll soon be dead,
    and must indulge in desperation.
    Why might they want to see me weep,
    and in anguish cry to Heaven?
    But it’s now my counsel that I keep
    and hope is my life’s leaven.
    This is not the end, even though cancer’s winning;
    it’s early in the day, the end of the beginning.

    Your neighbour at Inspire Me Monday


  5. Yes, a mother’s heart can easily be broken. Our hopes and dreams for our children can easily be dashed. The only place to leave these broken pieces is at the feet of Jesus.

  6. THere’s nothing like the broken heart of a mother. The best thing to do is as you say give all the pieces of the broken heart to jesus. Thanks for coming by.

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