Loved or Unloved – That is the Question

feeling loved

Are you feeling loved today?

Consider Roman’s 8:38

What can come between us and

the love of God’s Anointed?

Can troubles, hardships, persecution,

hunger, poverty, danger, or even death? 

The answer is, absolutely nothing.

FMF: Loved

In this mean and evil world, it’s hard to keep our hearts and souls from becoming singed by the fire. I recall times when the mud was slung at me. Keeping the awful words from repeating over and over again in my mind became a difficult task. I had to continually throw these words out and replace them with God’s Word.

“You are not what you think you are, you Are WHAT YOU THINK.”

Dr. David Jeremiah

And this is the truth. 

For this reason, we must renew our minds daily (maybe more often) with God’s Word to fight off the meanness that is so often slung at us like mud. We must remind ourselves constantly about the love of God. This is the love that truly matters to us. And with this love, we are more the conquerors!

As the hymnist wrote, Oh the Love of God! How Rich and Pure! If we bathe our minds with these truths then the joy of the Lord will return to us. After all, “What can mere man do to me?” 

Follow this step-by-step process

  • Find 10 Scriptures about God’s love and insert your name into the text. Start with Romans 8.
  • Repeat these scriptures over and over until they become part of you. This is called the renewing of your mind.
  • To help you out I have created this downloadable with ten scriptures leaving a blank for your name. Download it now and start the renewing process.

Finally, if you follow this process whenever hate tries to take over your mind. You will soon find that you are bathing in the Sonlight of God’s love with a renewed and transformed mind.

Feeling Your Pain,

Mandy Farmer
Loved or Unloved – That is the Question P.S. I Love You and God does too! Share on X

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8 Comments on “Loved or Unloved – That is the Question”

  1. Mandy, I’m going to take a look at that printable you made – I’m feeling like I need some definitely renewal. Thank you for creating it and sharing here. Also, the hynm you mentioned reminded me of Sara Groves version. 🙂 I love it.

    Visiting from fmf.

  2. I love The Love of God. It reminds me of just how deep and wide the love of Jesus is! I hope the printable is helpful for you. Thanks, for dropping by. God bless!

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