Welcome to Parenting- 2nd Time Around

You’ll have to excuse my informal way of introducing this blogging section. I pondered for quite some time on what its title should be. I wanted the title to reflect a positive vibe about ‘parenting’ as grandparents.

Are you grandparents parenting? WELCOME! Even if you’re not grandparents parenting, I hope you find my blogging inspirational and encouraging. We are, unfortunately, becoming a popular societal norm- parenting our grandchildren full-time.

This needs to be seen as a gift, but this gift comes with some heavy soul-searching, determination, and grit. It’s not pleasant to have a court battle, never mind the expense. I don’t even need to say how emotionally draining it is.

Bad choices are abundant. Mental health is a major issue. BUT GOD!

Join me as we together explore the joys of Parenting- 2nd Time around! I’ll be posting weekly. Sometimes daily with stories, experiences, and a bit of fun! God knows we all need to laugh! AMEN!? See you soon!

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