FMF: Less

If I were to have done any less, it would have testified to my lack of faith. It would have become a testimony to him later that I didn’t care. I never wavered in my decision. It was an immediate, knee-jerk reaction and I knew my life would change.

My grandson was born three weeks prematurely. Born healthy and thriving. A small scare with forgetting to breathe, but that was due to his mother pre-eclampsia and all the magnesium she had taken in to prevent her from becoming eclamptic.

My daughter has chosen less for herself. Beat down by time, people and a bad relationship. She sees herself as less. Less for being given away through adoption. Less because of her ADHD and the havoc it creates in her life. Less because of her stocky stature… less.

We care for our grandson and tell him his worthfulness. His purposeful presence in the grand scheme of things. The hopefulness of his growth, ever-expanding mind, and faithfulness that someday, his momma will see herself much more than less.

6 thoughts on “FMF: Less

  1. Tara says:

    How hard yet beautiful it must be to help care for your grandson. Praying your daughter begins to see her worthiness!

  2. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser says:

    Praying for your daughter, Michele, and for you.

    We see it in the mirror,
    a face we’ve come to loathe,
    which every day seems clearer,
    something no care will clothe,
    but know the loveliest of all
    will age and sag and spread;
    wrinkles form and jowls will fall,
    and beauty will lie dead
    except for that which lies within,
    nurtured by our choice,
    seeking each day to begin
    with a kindly voice
    that mirrors what we fain employ,
    peace and love and blessed joy

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