Give Thanks to the Lord

Welcome to today’s “Time in the Word”. I told you last week we’d finish up our Colossians passage, but I’ve got thankfulness on my mind with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up.

Our scripture today comes from Psalm 136, with our focus on verse 1. If you are reading this digitally you can simply click on the highlighted text, otherwise, I invite you to grab your bible and turn to Psalm 136:1, or I have enclosed the scripture below for you. How are you giving thanks to God? What are you thankful for?

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Celebrate His Promises

My heart remains true and is awed by Your words. 
I celebrate because of Your promise, 
like someone who discovers great treasure. 
I despise and abhor lies, 
but I love Your law. 
Seven times every day I praise You 
because of Your right rulings. 

Psalm 119:161-164 The Voice

Homesick & Heartbroken

It was my freshman year in college. I was 500 miles from home and looking forward to a long weekend home for Easter. I was packed to go and even had riders to share the cost. I woke up Thursday morning for my last day of classes and there was snow on the ground. I received a call from my father in Wisconsin. He strongly suggested that I not come home because the weather between Kentucky and Wisconsin was pretty severe.

I was so heartbroken. I had had a long year fighting homesickness and I really wanted to go home. Dejected, I went to my first class. Being at a Christian college, the professor always opened class with prayer. That is, he always asked a student to pray. That morning, he asked me to pray.

I wondered, “How on earth could I pray?” I was so disappointed that I was not going to be able to go home. We all bowed our heads…

“Lord, thank you

for the beautiful snow…”

I’m not sure what else I said. I was shocked to hear myself say it. Certainly, I was not thankful for the snow. It was the cause of my demise.

Psalm 119 Celebrate his promises
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Thankful in the Midst of Trial

It’s hard to be thankful when you are in the midst of trials. Your mind is so centered on your trouble, you can’t really think of anything else. But maybe praise and thankfulness are what helps ease our mind. Maybe it is what helps us make it through. Could it be the way to keep from spiraling down into despair is to continually have His praises on our heart and our mind?

This celebration of His Blessings may very well have been the beginning of a wonderful Easter weekend. I was invited to go to Georgia instead. I visited with a friend AND my aunt and Uncle.

Celebrate His Promises

 Soon after the start of my chronic pain. I was introduced to the writings of Ann Voskamp. You have probably seen to droves of Thankful posts on Facebook during November. When I realized that this came from Ann, I decided to read her book, A Thousand Gifts.   I was challenged to list three blessings every day for an entire year. That was the beginning of the return of smiles in the midst of the pain.

It truly does make a difference to begin listing the things for which I am grateful.

As the women’s director, I challenged all the ladies at church to take the Joy Dare with me. Several did it along with me. One couple shared with me several times how not only did the Joy Dare make them stop and think of things they were grateful for, but also, gave them laughter. The prompts weren’t always easy to find answers to, but they would laugh trying to think of ideas. What a blessing!

Psalm 119 Celebrate His Promises

You have probably seen these Joy Dare prompts on Facebook. Go download them and begin your own journey to joy today! It will change your life as it did me and my friends. And as it did for Ann.
Notice again the last line of the scripture above. The Psalmist says he gave praise to God SEVEN TIMES A DAY.

Wow! Seven times. I know I’m behind.

Join me and Celebrate his Promises!

Tybee Island, GA

My Journey with Chronic Pain

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Outrageous Thankfulness

Most of you know that Thanksgiving is my MOST FAVORITE holiday. I love Thanksgiving! It is a beautiful holiday that can be celebrated by anyone. I love the season that Thanksgiving falls in, all the colors and the cool temps, and the history of Thanksgiving.

The other day I was challenged by a devotion I read. The devotion was talking about thankfulness- outrageous thankfulness. I couldn’t go beyond reading that “outrageous thankfulness”. What in the world?

Outrageous is defined by Merriam Webster as:

Definition of outrageous

1aexceeding the limits of what is usual

“Exceeding the limits of what is usual.” Wow, that is a great deal of thankfulness! How can I have outrageous thankfulness? How can you have outrageous thankfulness?

I pondered what outrageous thankfulness I have in my life. It took a bit, but I felt like God kept asking me if I could be thankful for the hard things. My gut reaction was to say “NO!”, but then I calmed down and thought about how I could see as outrageous.

After a while, I decided that my outrageous thankfulness would be thanking God for the good that has come out of the hard- beyond my limits of usual. I began by saying, “God I am thankful that… because the good that came out of that was…” It was slow, because I had to really think about the good that came because I have been so focused on the bad part. As I spoke about this outrageous thankfulness I felt like there was healing going on and as I continued a peace settled in my heart.

This week is Thanksgiving. There is a great deal of chaos going on, but this is orchestrated to get you off track, to cause fear, and to make you focus on the bad. Today, find you OUTRAGEOUS THANKFULNESS! You may have to think for a bit but it will come!

  • Looking for outrageous thankfulness in everything with you! We will be surprised and grateful.- 🙂 Michele