Outrageous Thankfulness

Most of you know that Thanksgiving is my MOST FAVORITE holiday. I love Thanksgiving! It is a beautiful holiday that can be celebrated by anyone. I love the season that Thanksgiving falls in, all the colors and the cool temps, and the history of Thanksgiving.

The other day I was challenged by a devotion I read. The devotion was talking about thankfulness- outrageous thankfulness. I couldn’t go beyond reading that “outrageous thankfulness”. What in the world?

Outrageous is defined by Merriam Webster as:

Definition of outrageous

1aexceeding the limits of what is usual

“Exceeding the limits of what is usual.” Wow, that is a great deal of thankfulness! How can I have outrageous thankfulness? How can you have outrageous thankfulness?

I pondered what outrageous thankfulness I have in my life. It took a bit, but I felt like God kept asking me if I could be thankful for the hard things. My gut reaction was to say “NO!”, but then I calmed down and thought about how I could see as outrageous.

After a while, I decided that my outrageous thankfulness would be thanking God for the good that has come out of the hard- beyond my limits of usual. I began by saying, “God I am thankful that… because the good that came out of that was…” It was slow, because I had to really think about the good that came because I have been so focused on the bad part. As I spoke about this outrageous thankfulness I felt like there was healing going on and as I continued a peace settled in my heart.

This week is Thanksgiving. There is a great deal of chaos going on, but this is orchestrated to get you off track, to cause fear, and to make you focus on the bad. Today, find you OUTRAGEOUS THANKFULNESS! You may have to think for a bit but it will come!

  • Looking for outrageous thankfulness in everything with you! We will be surprised and grateful.- 🙂 Michele

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