Survival: Part Two-Water Purification

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Welcome back to, Survival: Part Two-Water Purification. I hope you enjoyed last week’s article. These articles are to help you prepare, not cause worry. This week we will cover two excellent water purification systems: Berky® and LifeStraw®.

Before we get started, neither Berkey® nor LifeStraw® has paid me to review their products. I did purchase a Berkey® and will speak on my experience with that water purification system.

Water Standards

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Regardless of what we are experiencing now, clean, purified water is essential on any given day. Several different agencies publish local water testing results. Minnesota, where I live, has several legislative acts to protect drinking water and to keep drinking water as clean as possible.

Here are just a few drinking water regulations/acts:

Back home, I often heard of older folks drinking from a creek or stream by the farm or the woods. When they finish talking about how fun and delicious it was to get a drink, they end the sentence with, “But I wouldn’t recommend drinking from there now.”

What is acceptable?

Our governing bodies within our city, county, state, and country have decided what acceptable levels are in our drinking water. Water is an essential part of our survival, so drinking the best water is a priority.

Each year the Edgerton Enterprise reports the findings from our city water sample test. You can get 2021’s water report here. This was published on June 16, 2021. To summarize, a drinking water report,, will give you a variety of information on:

  1. List any contaminants: bacteria, nitrates, lead, and copper- things that can harm you.
  2. Water Quality- alkalinity, chloride, conductivity, corrosive index, hardness, ph.

At the end of the day, you and I want to be drinking water that is pure and clean. Pure and clean is hard to come by most anywhere, especially in rural settings where nitrates tend to be highest.

Chemicals in the water we drink, are allowed to be there under a certain level. You can take those chemicals in at certain levels without being harmed. Unfortunately, according to EWG’s website:

The federal government’s legal limits are not health-protective. The EPA has not set a new tap water standard in almost 20 years, and some standards are more than 40 years old.

This isn’t good news for anyone! So, what can be done about drinking pure and clean drinking water? Enter the home water purification systems: Berkey®, and LifeStraw® These two water purification systems are very popular.


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While doing research for our topic of survival, water quickly became a top survival item. I got a recommendation from a friend to try out a Berkey. She enjoyed her Berky and said the water taste was excellent. Here are just a few selling points for Berkey from their website:

Berkey Works Better Than Any Gravity Filters Available!

Berkey® systems equipped with Black Berkey Elements remove up to 99.999% of viruses and 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria, while also removing or dramatically reducing Bacteria like E. coli, Chlorine, Viruses, Chloramines, Parasites, Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Trihalomethane (THMs), Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum Contaminants, Bisphenol-A (BPA), Perfluorochemicals (PFOAS), Herbicides & Pesticides, protozoa, Inorganic minerals, VOCs, Petroleum products, Perfluorinated chemicals, Rust, Silt, Sediment, and even Radiologicals.

Berkey filters produce the most Healthful Drinking Water available. Berkey Water Filter can remove hundreds of contaminants from the water and purify more than any other gravity filter available. Black Berkey Elements exceed EPA 7 ANSI/NSF Protocols and are Independently Tested by EPA/NSF Certified Lab. (see the complete list of contaminants Berkey can remove)

♛ Berkey Makes Your Water Taste Delicious

Berkey Water Filter makes your water taste much better by filtering out all of the toxins but leaving the minerals in the water as it should be. You will notice a difference right away.

♛ Berkey For Emergency Preparedness

Berkey Water Filter is a great survival gear in emergency situations as it works without the need for electricity and is able to purify raw, untreated water from remote lakes and streams.

♛ Berkey Saves Your Money

Berkey Water Filter is the most economical water purification system available as you can purify water for about two cents per gallon and it will last for years.

♛ Berkey is Simple and Easy

Berkey Water Filter does not require to be connected to your home plumbing system. A complete standalone system that can be set up in less than 10 minutes without any tools.

Friends, I am out of time. Tune in next week as we walk through the unboxing, set-up, and use of my new Berkey®! Here is to good food, good friends, and pure drinking water!

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