Survival: What Should We Be Doing?

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I have been, as you probably have as well, thinking about the crazy stuff that has been going on. From the Russian war with Ukraine, the Covid-19 virus, mask mandates, push to get vaccinated, the 2020 election, The Great Reset, mysterious destruction of key food supply businesses, inflation, stagflation, and gas prices not yet seen by many generations. What should we be thinking about for survival if this gets worse? What should we be doing? That’s a good question.

Some folks are going to laugh at this article. They think this is just a coincidence, conspiracy theories, and fear-mongering. Look around, listen, and do your research. Something has happened to America, in America, and the world.

Surviving this all with a positive mental attitude, spiritual survival skills-FAITH, simple living know-how, and working together are things we MUST employ right now!

Survival: What should we be doing

First and foremost, none of us will get through this without God. So, wrap your mind around it because it’s the truth. God is in control of everything. He is allowing what is happening for His good purpose. Some of a Christian’s best faith growth happens during tragedy and trial.

We all run on energy from food. Recent stories of food chain disruptions and exorbitant gas prices are factors in a possible food crisis. What can we do? What should we be doing? Here are a few suggestions to prepare yourself and your family should things progress to survival level:

  • Communication– landline phones- the old kind, CB or Ham Radio, cell phones might not work, electricity may be unavailable.
  • Gathering Plan– where to meet, alternate routes home, a place you will gather, and how to evacuate people who are stuck.
  • Water supply– clean, healthy water- a gallon per person per day for drinking and washing
  • Food– 30-to-60 day supply on hand, fuel, and equipment to cook it
  • First Aid– Learn basic first aid and stock up on first aid items- most likely hospitals will be overwhelmed.
  • Vitamins and Medicine– Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, acetaminophen, and general antibiotics- 1-year supply. You probably know somebody who knows somebody.
  • Power– Don’t expect electricity to stay on. Solar panels, candles, oil lamps, batteries for flashlights, etc. If it is winter and you’re in the upper midwest, Rocky regions- how will you keep warm during winter?
  • Sanitation– Yep, the ole outhouse isn’t such a funny thing at this point, a 5-gallon bucket will work; have a plan where you can safely dispose of the waste.
  • Home Security– I think you know where I am going with this.
  • Wilderness Survival Skills– Go, buy a book- read up and practice fire-starting skills.
  • Bartering Items– coffee, liquor, chocolate, dried goods (milk, fruit, etc.)- money may not be available.
  • Gardening Seeds– pick HEIRLOOM seeds!!! You want to be able to take the seeds from what you raise to plant next year.

Food and Water are life

I won’t hesitate to tell you that hoarding food can be a problem storage-wise. Whatever you store should be stored properly with insect and vermin proof containers.

Swing on over to and order yourself at least a one-month supply, but definitely go grab their three-month food supply here. They have been giving $20 off your order, go check it out! Hurry, as people are getting nervous, and it is taking two weeks to get your products to you from Utah.

4Patriots food stats, from their website:

  • 688 total servings / about 7.6 per day
  • 135,440 total calories / about 1,505 per day+
  • Designed to last 25 years*
  • “Disaster-resistant” packaging
  • Hand-packed in the USA
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • FREE Shipping & handling to USA 48

The disaster-resistant packaging is fantastic! The containers are non-descript. People will think you have Christmas decorations in the box. 🙂

Alright friends! I am stopping here, but next week we will continue to talk about food, water, and growing an heirloom survival garden. Don’t let all this talk get you down! Chin up! WE ARE AMERICANS! Let’s work together, share, and protect each other. God’s in charge. We need to trust him and be prepared!

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  1. You give great suggestions for survival preparations. I appreciated these suggestions: gathering place, water supply, first aid, alternate power sources (candles, flashlight). I had not thought of bartering items.

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