Rummage Sale Cookbooks I Couldn’t Resist: Part Two

This week we continue our adventure through “Rummage Sale Cookbooks I Couldn’t Resist” and tackle some great home remedies for skin and face. Some of these home remedies are, in a word, risky… so I wouldn’t suggest trying them. Simply enjoy reading what folks used to try as home remedies “long ago”. I guess it’s true what they say sometimes “the cure is worse than the sickness”.

We will kick off part two with some risky remedies …

Kerosene home remedies

Image by (El Caminante) from Pixabay
  • Kerosene cleanses and heals cuts and prevents infection.
  • Kerosene applied over any burn removes pain and soreness, and doesn’t blister.
  • Kerosene in water to wash out head lice.
  • If you stepped on a nail soak your foot in kerosene.
  • A teaspoon of sugar with just a drop of kerosene for a sore throat. Kerosene is good to heal small cuts or scratches.
  • Gargle with kerosene for a sore throat.

Now, I think it’s only fair to give you a little background on kerosene. Kerosene got its start in Persia, where they, according to the Grow Youthful website, “distilled crude petroleum fossil oil into hydrocarbon fractions, taking off kerosene, bitumen (tar) and other fractions”.

The Persian’s used kerosene for heating, lights, and medicinal purposes. I guess you could say it was their all-around “go-to” product. It is still used today by many poor “non-Western” countries where “Big Pharma” doesn’t have as much of a hold on the population.

Kerosene is powerful:

  • Powerful antifungal and antiviral
  • Treatment for parasites throughout the body. Eliminates parasites including worms in the blood and bowel.
  • Kills bacteria, especially mycoplasma (bacteria without cell walls). Eliminates pathogenic microbes from the blood and bowel. Especially useful for eliminating CWD (cell wall deficient) microbes while not harming normal gut bacteria.’

I think I’d be okay with dabbing some kerosene on ringworm, but not so sure I’d drink it… yikes! However, the jugglers/flame throwers are avid users of kerosene. But enough of kerosene! Let’s get to some facial treatments.

Beauty treatment home remedies

  • Take yellow carrots, scrape them and fry slowly in fresh lard till brown. Drain off the lard and melt 1 tablespoon of powdered resin. Stir well, put in a jar and when cool, mix in 1 tsp Sulphur. Apply each day. The cure will be speedy.
  • Mix 1/4 teaspoon fresh lemon juice with 1 tsp honey and rub into skin. Let it remain 20 minutes, rinse with warm water then cool water. Pat dry. Use daily until the condition improves.
  • Equal parts cumber juice and witch hazel. The mixture removes skin oils and as a bonus, tightens pores. Improve diet with Vitamin B-rich foods and Brewer’s yeast.
  • Don’t use soap if you have dry skin, instead increase vitamin A-rich foods. Wash with oatmeal milk and treat to avocado facials.
  • To get rid of warts apply milkweed milk or juice from a dandelion plant several times. It works, I know. – BTW the “I know” isn’t me… -M
  • Place one grain of flaxseed in your eye which will help push the object stuck under your eyelid out.
  • Use salt after having hands in dish or scrub water for a length of time. Try using salt to keep them smooth and white. First wash your hands with soap and water. While wet, rub with a handful of dry salt. Rinse with clear water. Do it constantly for pleasing results.
  • Almond meal to soothe sensitive skin: one handful of almonds in 1 pint boiling water, and let stand with lid on until skins shrivel. Then dry nuts overnight. Grind them into a fine meal. Apply with fingertips, rinse and pat dry.
  • Vanilla is good for sunburns.

A Few “strange things” for home remedies

Image by flockine from Pixabay
  • If a hot pad for children or a person is unsafe, heat a large catalog in the oven, turning a group of pages at a time until the entire book is heated through (an iron can also be used). This stays warm for hours.
  • Wind a string safely around the little finer to stop a nose bleeds.
  • For irritation of skin on open areas of the body such as arms, legs, and back… use a warm milk and bread wrap poultice with a gauze bandage, put onto irritated area and rewet with quite warm milk each hour or two. I do this about four or five times in about ten hours or so. The swelling and irritation will come out of the bandage. This is also very good to draw out a boil.

I hope you enjoyed our little dive into the “Remedies, Recipes and Hints”. Aren’t some of those home remedies dandy? Next week I will have some great peach recipes for you. I should have been more “on the ball” with peaches coming into Edgerton Food Center… better luck next year I guess. Till next time, here is to good food, good friends and a very good life.


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2 Comments on “Rummage Sale Cookbooks I Couldn’t Resist: Part Two”

  1. Interesting! Although I haven’t used kerosene as a home remedy, could it really be any worse than some of the deadly medicines prescribed every day here in the USA? My daughter went to Mexico for cancer treatment because all they wanted to do here is surgery and chemo. She said NO!! The herbs and vitamins the doctors in Mexico have her taking plus a clean, healthy diet is beating the cancer!! The doctors at two major cancer hospitals here are scratching their heads. They don’t understand why the cancer isn’t killing her. Thanks so much for linking up at the Unlimited Link Party 33. Pinned!

  2. Dee! OH! MY! I have heard a great deal about this Mexico Dr. group treating cancer. How wonderful she has found such great success! And agreed, chemo is rough and there are alternatives. A person just has to be willing to try. Thanks for letting me link!

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