Mountain Terrain

Mountains are fascinating. If you look up mountain layers, you’ll be treated to a very interesting read. Mountains have different levels or layers to them. Depending on the type of mountain, you can find different climates, different temperatures, different types of forest.

Once you get an idea of how mountains work, it puts your “mountain” into a different perspective.

Some mountain adventures have well-worn paths, seemingly normal life travels, great advice from friends and family, posted signs along the way. But then something happens… there is no cut path, no posted signs and the journey is lonely. Food is scarce, rest is limited.

This is when your faith in God begins to be tested. We forget that God wants an invite to join our journey. We call friends, family, read up on things and then apply them, but when it gets hard that’s when we call upon God, or sadly, we give up without even calling upon him.

Mountains are faith builders. They are meant to be hard and challenging. God wants us to depend on him for strength for the climb. God wants to hear your prayers for help, wisdom, and courage. The mountain was made for you, and God has all the tools you’ll need for your climb.

-Stopping and asking God for help with our mountain climb with you.

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