Chronic Pain Can Be a Powerful Opportunity

interview with Olivia Wolfertz - powerful opportunity

Can Chronic Pain Really be a Powerful Opportunity? I was greatly encouraged to hear Olivia Wolfertz’ ‘s story about her struggle with Lyme Disease. What an incredibly strong woman she is. Please read on…

Originally posted on May 20, 2020

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Share the short story of your chronic pain journey. What is your diagnosis? Share some about the journey to this diagnosis.

interview with Olivia Wolfertz - powerful opportunity
photos provided by Olivia. Image created in canva pro

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in May 2016. After several months or so of increasingly bizarre symptoms—chest pains, stiff neck, headaches, stabbing pains in arms and feet, and severe trouble walking, I was officially tested and diagnosed by a rheumatologist. I was fortunate that my diagnosis was relatively quick and that I had a positive Lyme disease test even by CDC criteria, as that is actually somewhat rare.

From there, I went on the pretty typical goose chase of finding the right Lyme-literate doctor and treatment combination. Unfortunately, even though I was treating my illness, symptoms continued to spread to affect more of my body and mind. Throughout this four-year timeframe, I’ve seen several specialists and explored numerous treatment protocols ranging from conventional antibiotics and herbals to more unconventional methods like rife machines, essential oils, and now a nebulizer treatment. While I’ve seen tangible bouts of improvement and had seasons of “better days” in the mix, I continue to suffer daily with symptoms. These largely impair and limit my life.

Throughout this time, how was your faith walk impacted? Did you lose faith? Get Stronger?

Olivia Wolfertz #chronicpaininterviews
Oliva Wolfertz

At the start of my treatment journey, I felt a strong conviction that God had given me this illness intentionally. I felt like this was God telling me it was my time to walk through my first “major trial.” I had never before had a serious health issue. At the time, I thought I would go through it, get treated, get better and move on. Then look back at it as a story of how I joyfully clung to God during a hard time.

I subconsciously viewed it as a test. I thought if I just stayed positive and did my best to trust God, he would soon enough heal me. And then I would move on with life and have this story to encourage others with. I viewed it as very transactional if I’m being honest. Needless to say, I didn’t have the slightest idea of what I was getting into.

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Little did I know at that time how devastating and long-term this illness would be. Or how much it would affect every other area of my life. For the first two years or so, I wasn’t terribly worried about this being the rest of my life. I was able to trust God relatively well all things considered. Of course, there were many difficult battles, symptoms, and challenging times where I struggled more. But I felt very supported and continued to believe healing was around the next corner.

It wasn’t until about three years in that I really started to experience more sobering doubts and struggles in my faith. Not only was I still not where I thought I would be (still unable to work or be financially independent), but I was feeling a lot of new and difficult symptoms. Among them, serious mental health and sleep struggles were challenging to live with.

Not to mention I was getting emotionally exhausted from the day-to-day struggle. With my worsening symptoms, it became much harder to be regularly plugged into a community where I could be spiritually supported. The isolation made everything a lot harder.

I also wrestled with a lot of shame over the fact that my life isn’t “normal” which affected my self-image and ability to make friends and be vulnerable. Even still, God provided the right people at the right time and sent me some incredibly supportive believers whose prayers were a huge factor in keeping my faith from crushing beneath the pain.

Was there a specific event that became a turning point in your faith during this journey?

The anniversary of year three was a turning point where I started to struggle with doubts and fears. This might actually be the rest of my life and I may never get better. I realized I wasn’t even close to getting better or even if I was on the right track with treatments. I began to wrestle with anger and disillusionment toward God and a lot of fear that things would never change.

Accepting the Inevitable

I also began to realize that all that I lost might never come back—

  • financial independence,
  • the ability to take care of myself and work a full-time job,
  • live on my own or at least away from my parents,
  • be able to have a normal social life

All these things seemed like things that may never happen again. This realization began a very dark season of depression and increasing hopelessness.

Letting Others In

What made the most difference in turning from despair to surrender and trust was taking small steps to let people into my struggle. Whether that was being honest about my doubts, struggles, or the extent to which I was feeling lonely or needing support. The act of humbling myself opened the door for more people to encourage me in ways I actually needed.

This was such a hard lesson. And I likely will continually need to relearn it, but God definitely wanted me to get to this point.

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Keeping a Strong Faith is Critical

Keeping a strong faith and hope is absolutely critical to fighting a chronic illness—but there are times when we can’t get there without inviting others in to help. Sometimes the struggles are too hard to emotionally or even spiritually deal with on our own. The turning point doesn’t come until others are invited into the mix and given the opportunity to pour their strength and hope into us. I continue to pray for a supportive community to walk through whatever my future has in store.

What scripture has become a comfort for you in this journey? Why?

There have been several different scriptures that I’ve turned to during different stages of this journey. Here are some:

  • 1 Peter 5:6-7
  • 1 Peter 4:19
  • 2 Corinthians 4:16-18
  • Romans 4:18-22
  • Isaiah 40:29
  • Proverbs 15:15
  • Psalm 34:19

Not surprisingly these are all verses that shine a light on suffering or trials and trusting God’s deliverance. Widening my scriptural vocabulary to include specific truths to apply to pain and suffering has made a huge difference in my outlook during rougher patches.

Sometimes when everything seems to be falling apart, it can be all too easy and natural to feed into self-pity, anger, and overall exhaustion with our circumstances. It can feel like we are at the end of our rope and don’t know how we will get through the next hour let alone the rest of our lives if things don’t change.

I’ve found it absolutely critical at those moments to turn to a verse like one of these and allow it to penetrate my despairing thoughts.  It does make a difference, and meditating on or carrying around these verses proactively helps arm me so that I am more prepared when those despairing thoughts come and can be quicker to replace them with truths from Scripture.

How do you find comfort on especially painful days?

That’s a really tough question to answer and it definitely depends on the type of bad day I’m having. Sometimes a bad day might mean a ton of pain, in which case I will usually try to rest my body. I can find comfort in reading a good book or a Bible study if my mental energy is there.

A bad day might mean an extreme excess of fatigue, dizziness, or headaches. In this case, I am not up for reading, blogging, or anything. But I can find comfort in closing my eyes and listening to a good podcast or sermon. Soaking or taking a bath is also helpful.I find this is a good way to encourage my soul and heart even when I don’t have the energy or mental ability to read my Bible or an encouraging book.

Bad days might be when I feel more depressed, anxious, or discouraged. On these types of days, if I am feeling up to it physically, I might like

  • talking with a friend,
  • journaling my feelings,
  • painting,
  • or getting fresh air
Chronic Pain  #opportunity
Olivia’s Painting

Painting has become an unexpected yet powerful channel for encouragement. Creating something beautiful to share with others is rewarding. It makes you feel productive.

What are some things that your family and friends do that bring comfort in your pain?

I live with my parents. So the best way I feel comforted by them is when they respect my needs, whether that’s for space, independence, or the freedom to not be okay all the time. The best things my friends or family can do for me during harder times are:

  • go out of their way to practically help me
  • or take time to ask me how I am doing
  • and listen to me.
  • help out with practical things like meals and laundry,
  • or rides to places on days when I can’t handle it.

I moved a few states away to go back home about a year and a half after getting sick, so a lot of my good friends are states away. It’s been hard to get involved and socialize regularly enough to make good friends here. A great way that these friends have comforted me over the distance is through phone call check-ins, cards, and other gestures to show me they are thinking about me. And prayer, especially prayer!

Are you involved in any ministries or community service to reach out to others with chronic pain? Share about this.

Olivia's cards #comfortothers #chronicpain
Olivia’s cards

I’m not in any formal capacity but it’s something I really have a desire to work towards. One way that I have started to give back to others who are suffering (in any way) is to create and write sympathy or encouragement cards for people in my church or community.

I’m involved with a Bible study where the leader is very involved with the church community and she often notifies me when there are people in the area who are going through something hard. Since I love to paint, I love the opportunity to create a card and then bring it to Bible study for the whole group to sign. It’s a great way for me to feel like I’m giving back and tangibly supporting others with my unique talents and passions.

Offer some words of encouragement to those who may be searching for comfort in their own chronic pain journey.

Chronic Pain - a Powerful Opportunity
Olivia’s painting

Suffering is a unique calling. I would tell that person that they are very brave for carrying a burden that is much harder than most people realize.

I would affirm that they were chosen for this particular trial for a reason. I believe that suffering comes with a special opportunity for God to work in a very powerful way… if we let Him.

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I would encourage someone in the thick of their suffering to find inspiring examples and role models in the faith that triumphed through immeasurable hardships. People like Charles Spurgeon, a nineteenth-century preacher who struggled with deep depression, and Elisabeth Elliot, a twentieth-century missionary who went through devastating loss and hardship in her life, are very inspiring.

1 Peter 4:19 comfort powerful opportunity

I would also recommend reading the testimonies of Christians who have suffered or are suffering immense persecution or incarceration for their faith in Christ around the world. Hearing about how other believers have walked valiantly through deep trials always gives me strong motivation and inspiration to keep fighting the fight to trust and hope in God no matter where my health may be.

Olivia Wolfertz

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Thank you Olivia for your encouraging words.

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9 Comments on “Chronic Pain Can Be a Powerful Opportunity”

  1. Isn’t it encouraging? I’m excited about sharing the testimonies of others who struggle with pain and other health issues. I hope I will find many willing to share. Thanks for coming by

  2. Thanks for sharing this precious testimony, Olivia and Mandy. It is so encouraging to hear the stories of how others are waking through the pain-filled days with God’s help. I love your beautiful paintings, Oliva! May the Lord continue to bless you as you are so giving of yourself.

  3. My heart hurts and is encouraged as I read this. My momma suffered from chronic illness my whole life and spent most of it in the hospital. She passed suddenly a little over a year ago. I’ve learned so much from her and honestly so much more ever since her passing. It was the most painful and lonely of times that she grew most intimate with the Lord. Oh how I thank you for encouraging other women like her. 💕

  4. HI Lindsay, thank you for taking the time to read and share your feedback! I’m so sad to hear about your mom’s story….that is truly so heartbreaking. I’m glad you found some encouragement in my words!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Olivia. Although chronic pain is not a part of my journey, as a quad amputee I can certainly relate. Like you, I believe God had a purpose for my situation. Once I understood that, coping became a whole lot easier.

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