It Happened So Fast

I certainly will not receive a medal for committed prayer for my daughter. There were many times my discouragement I gave up, took a break. It’s hard to continue to pray when you don’t have the right attitude about what prayer is and does.

A prayer is an act of faith. It is placing your hope into words, utterances, tears, and groaning. God knows our hearts. He knows we pray for things we want, we need and in our best understanding of what we think “should” be.

My final prayers became “GOD YOU KNOW WHAT SHE NEEDS, LET IT BE DONE.” I felt like I wasn’t praying good enough, but I knew that God knew my heart and that is all that matters.

Over the last few weeks, things were beginning to build. It was like labor pains, getting closer, longer, and more intense with each encounter. Then in an unfortunate moment, it all changed.

In that unfortunate moment she was set free. Boundaries were set in place. Going forward is now the only option. In her going forward will be freedom. Freedom to rebuild, freedom to explore and freedom to return to her God. Though I want to be so much a part of her rebuild, I will have to let go and find a seat to cheer her on. It’s all up to her now, she has been given the freedom to choose. I continue to pray she choses wisely.

Prayers are acts of faith in the hope things will change and be different. They go beyond your moments and circle the Lord’s bowls of prayer and forever remain. I needed this breakthrough and she especially needed this breakthrough. Don’t give up even when it looks hopeless.

-Renewing my hope in prayers with you. We pray together in faith and hope. Thank you for your faithful prayers when I was so unfaithful.

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