5 Things You May Not Know About Queen Esther

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Ah! June the month of weddings. A perfect time to take a look at Queen Esther.  The fairy tale story: orphan meets King and saves her people. But it was probably just that… a fairytale. What have you learned in the past about her? I’ll venture to guess you only know the fairytale. Let’s dig a little deeper today.

Esther’s Birth

Some say she was a double orphan in that her father died before she was born and he mother died in childbirth.  We are not certain about this but we do know that she was raised by a cousin, Mordecai.

Her Hebrew name was “Hadassah. In Hebrew this word means “myrtle”. Her Persian name was Esther, meaning “morning star” She was certainly beautiful like a morning star.  But in Hebrew, it is related to the root word for “hidden” as God’s intervention was hidden throughout the entire turn of events. It seemed to be a dramatic tale of palace intrigue, BUT GOD was there at every point moving everything into place for the salvation of His people!

One other point on her birth, She was of royal lineage! the daughter of Avichayil, son of Kish, a descendant of King Saul, whose father also bore the name Kish.

2. She was Raised in Exile.

Esther lived in Persia in the time of exile. Though this was actually after Ezra and Nehemiah had returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls and the temple. When King Cyrus decreed that the Israelites could return to their home in Jerusalem. Many decided to stay in Persia. They had become acclimated to Persia. Had lived there all their lives. It was likely Hadassah’s father or grandfather that made this decision for his family to remain.

3. She was Taken Captive.

This “beauty contest” of sorts was not something the women chose for themselves. These virgins were “gathered up” and taken to the king’s palace. 500 women vying for the king’s attention. Imagine having your dreams of a husband and family dashed because of this. They would never return home even after they “met” with the king and were rejected. They just stayed there in the palace with 499 other beautiful women for the rest of their lives.

Even if chosen to be queen, there was a chance he could possibly never again call her to come to stay with him.

4. She was Raped.

I have read sources that say that Esther had sinned against God when she slept with the king. I beg to differ on this point. When it was her turn to “go in to the king”, she had no choice in this matter. She was to go and let him have his way with her. Who knows if he was gentle or just horny that night.

5. Even as Queen Esther Risked Her Life

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Even after Esther was chosen as his queen, she could only enter the King’s presence by invitation. It was not at all a husband & wife relationship as we know it. She also had the secret of being a Jew which in itself was dangerous. So when she went to the courts to request company with the king, it could have ended with her life taken.

Now That You Know a Few More Things

Come on over to Gracefully Truthful where I have written a devotional on the life of Esther.

Esther 4:14
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