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I have been watching reviews of air fryers for two years. Many times, I get helpful product information by watching the local Edgerton Exchange on Facebook for air fryers to end up for sale. I often read the comments from the seller. Some folks include why they don’t like the product. Others say nothing.

I think it’s telling how successful or unsuccessful a product is by how frequently you see the product on rummage sales or the Edgerton Exchange. Just my little methodology of how well a product works or doesn’t.

America’s Test Kitchens- My best friend!

When in doubt, American’s Test Kitchens it out! I love this program. They did an Air Fryer/Air Fryer Toaster review here,

In the review, the Breville Smart Oven Air was one of the top contenders. I was completely sold on the Breville till I saw the price tag of $400. SCREECH! Then, I wasn’t. The cost alone prices most people out, not to mention that it is a “stand-alone” product- meaning, it has to sit on a cart or open space in order to function.

The only way I could justify getting the Breville Smart Oven Air would be for someone living in an efficiency apartment, or perhaps as a basement kitchen item in place of a big oven. Anyway, I settled for the Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart Air Fryer.

Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart Air Fryer

Image by Michele Bruxvoort

Why do I like the Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart Air Fryer? WELL! Thank you for asking. I am delighted to tell you. I like the Instant Vortex for several reasons. The main reason is it is like a mini-convention oven. But here are a few other reasons why I like it:

  • Price- $120.
  • Variety of performances- bake, broil, dehydrate, roast, reheat, and broil.
  • Stainless steel with an easy-view window.
  • Odor erase built-in air filter- YES! In other words, Michele proof!
  • Sits on your cupboard top.
  • Easy clean-up of the basket and grate.
  • You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use it- BONUS!

The packaging for the Instant Vortex Plus is attractive. It didn’t take a whole lot of energy to unbox it. It came with a small direction booklet, but you could go to the Instant website and download a larger version- no difference.

Before using the Instant Vortex Plus, I had to run it through a bake cycle to burn off any factory remains. This was not a problem and had very little smell. Once that was complete, it was time to put the Instant Vortex Plus to work.

First, Fries!

Image by kgberlin from Pixabay

I love fries! My recent weight loss and the dedicated healthy eating regime don’t make room for deep-fried food items. Now, that’s not to say that here and there, every once in a while you can’t have something deep-fried, but you certainly don’t want to make a habit out of it.

On my first attempt, I decided to dump some olive oil on the French fries, mix them around, and air fry. I started keeping a small notecard handy as I tried various items. The French fries were finished in a remarkable time. We enjoyed the taste as well as the crispiness of the French fries.

I also attempted my sweet potato fries as well. You need to pay attention to the time, as they tend to get dried out even with olive oil on them. But, overall, they taste delicious and were crispy.


Image by Zul Vent from Pixabay

I love scones too! I make several batches and then freeze them. Truly, scones are best fresh, but can you recreate them fresh after frozen? I was going to try! Into the Instant Vortex Plus went the frozen pre-baked scones. Pressed the Air Fry feature, set the temperature to 350°, and dialed in 5 minutes.

WOW! That worked nicely. The scones have a very fresh taste and were nice and warm. I tried bagels and English muffins with this feature and time as well. Same successful results.

Waffles and Pancakes

I keep a sourdough starter going, and my favorite thing to do is make sourdough pancakes or sourdough waffles. The recipe makes a big batch, so I make them and freeze them. Then as we need a quick breakfast when time is short, we pull out some waffles or pancakes and reheat them on Air Fry. The waffles turn out amazingly well, the pancakes are good too.


I have had my Instant Vortex Plus for 3 months. I have baked a few items with it, have heated up a bunch of food, and am very happy with the results. It will be handy this summer when it is too hot to turn on the oven!

I highly recommend you get this handy appliance. Great for kids reheating smaller items instead of using the oven, or when you’re by yourself. No need to go firing up the oven and use all that electricity for something small. Saving you time and money! Every Dutch girl’s dream!

Till next time. Here is to good food, good friends, and a good life!

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