One In the Hand

I am sometimes in awe of what God hears of all my asking and ramblings. I was saying one day it sure would be nice to hold an oriole. They have such a pretty song and are so beautiful.

I had just gotten in the house with Trey and Tucker. Trey was busy motoring around the kitchen in his walker and Tucker was laid out on the floor in the dining room. I saw Tucker jerk up his head so I looked in his direction. There on the floor was a bird! WHAT??!!

Then the bird flew into the kitchen. It was tiny and brown and it fell at my feet. Shoot! Quickly I grabbed the bird up. Goodness he was so small. As I scooped him in my hand I noticed he had a feather in his mouth. Hmm. I bet you hit something. So I walked to the front door and sure enough. I had left the front door open and he must have been flying by and WHAM-O! Dazed and confused he flew deeper into the house, till he fell at my feet.

As I held the house wren I noticed he wasn’t afraid. Usually, their heart is pounding because they are scared. I know this because I have rescued many a bird from one of my best-hunting cats. My familiar routine of holding them loosely and being quiet kicked in.

I inspected him for any wing damage or damage to his feet. Nothing! It was so neat to just look at him and see the beauty of him. Tiny, fragile and being very calm. I bent down to Trey and showed him the bird. He was wide eyed and reached his hand for the bird.

Opening the patio door, I quickly took him to the nearest tree which was my lilac. The lilac is my favorite recovery tree. The limbs are small enough for any bird to safely wrap their toes around, the foliage protects them from other birds or cats.

I found a nice branch and slowly set him on the branch. He still was very calm. His dark eyes following me and my every move. As I gently set his feet to the branch he locked on and then I let go. Slowly I back away and walked back to the house.

God loves you so much and provides you with safety when you need it. Just like that poor house wren, flying along enjoying his day and WHAM-O! Life hit him out of nowhere and he tumbled right into my kitchen.

When we are struggling or have something hit us out of the blue, God provides us with help. Sometimes it is help in ways we would never imagine, from people we would never have dreamed of.

Though I didn’t get the Oriel… I did get to hold what needed to be held, the House Wren.

– Grateful for my landings and recovery places when I am hurting. Honored to serve those who land in my kitchen. AMEN!

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Michele Bruxvoort is sure to draw you in with her delightful sense of humor and love for living life.   She enjoys reading, repurposing,  as well as remodeling the family home with her husband. Drawing from her life experience as wife, mom, and follower of Jesus, Michele brings you a very honest and real perspective on life.  When you don't find her writing, you can find her mowing lawns, stocking shelves, taking care of her grandbaby and tackling her latest life adventure. Wisconsin native and empty-nester, she now makes her home with her husband of 27 years in the South West Prairie plains of Minnesota.

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2 Comments on “One In the Hand”

  1. Before we moved to our new apartment, i had a similar experience. My desk was right near the patio doors. I heard a thump. I turned to look. One of “our” precious baby red birds just learning flew right into the glass door. He was laying there stunned.
    At first i thought he was dead. I didn’t know how to care for him but we watched as he recovered to be sure the neighborhood cats wouldn’t find him. Little by little he began to move until he was able to hop to the family bush.
    Sometimes, we might wonder where God is when we hurt. He is watching and protecting, allowing us to become stronger. But always watching.

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