Hope’s NOT a Dangling Carrot

The last 13 year of my life I have become dependant on God communicating to me through the bible. His word is living and breathing and it has NEVER failed me- NEVER.

I prayed about a situation and asked God to give me a verse from his word. Within minutes I got “Thess 1 15″… hmm, Thessalonians doesn’t have 15 chapters, God. Then it was silent… oh oh. So I went to my bible started reading and TADA… it has chapter 1,2,3,4,5… 1-5 Michele.

Wow God the whole thing. Goodness. So I began to read and the constant theme that first chapter and most everything I ran into that day was:

  • Stay the course
  • Keep doing good

My staying the course is getting harder, my doing good is not easy. It is getting harder and I liken it to birth pains… each contraction is getting closer and with each contraction it is becoming more and more painful. I am not sure I can hang on. God, I NEED YOUR HELP!

Hope in what she will be keeps me here. Here to raise Trey in love for her when she rejects all we do. Hope, that once God is allowed in she will break free. Hope, that she will be on a dead run far from the pit she just climb out of.

Hope has a foundation friends. It’s not wishful thinking, Jimminy Cricket wishing upon a star kinda hope. It’s real. I can touch almost touch it. Hope is an extension of my faith, its confidence, and GRACE’S future accomplishments.-these come from my bibles annotations :).

Do you have hope? Hope for yourself, for someone, for a situation? I know you do, you travel a hard road with your own life. So KEEP HOPING, YOU’RE NOT FOOLISH. IT HAS A FOUNDATION IN OUR FAITH!

-PRAYERFUL in H O P E with you. AMEN

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Michele Bruxvoort is sure to draw you in with her delightful sense of humor and love for living life.   She enjoys reading, repurposing,  as well as remodeling the family home with her husband. Drawing from her life experience as wife, mom, and follower of Jesus, Michele brings you a very honest and real perspective on life.  When you don't find her writing, you can find her mowing lawns, stocking shelves, taking care of her grandbaby and tackling her latest life adventure. Wisconsin native and empty-nester, she now makes her home with her husband of 27 years in the South West Prairie plains of Minnesota.

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2 Comments on “Hope’s NOT a Dangling Carrot”

  1. Amen, so beautiful, even in the midst of the trial. God just spoke beautiful Scripture promises to me about a loved one this week also. Thank you for sharing this precious confirmation. His Word is so true.

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