Homemade Doughnuts

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Since my Deli and Bakery days at Piggly Wiggly in Randolph, Wisconsin, I’m always searching for great recipes for the salads we used to make fresh in the store, and for a good homemade doughnuts. Homemade doughnuts are quite an art. I’ve tried many doughnut dough recipes with blah results until today!

Sally’s Baking Addiction

Say hello to Sally! I’ve frequented Sally’s website, sallysbakingaddiction.com. And, a few years back, I sent her a brief email inquiring how to use her recipe in an article I was writing, as I was new to the writing world and the sharing of recipes. Just so you, my reader, understand, the sharing of recipes must be done correctly, regarding copyright laws.

I emailed Sally and inquired how to go about sharing her recipe. She was very kind to respond. In short, when sharing a recipe online, one should always include the website and credit the original author with links leading back to their website. When sharing a recipe online, you should not share the author’s directions or their narrative word for word, which includes the story of how they made the recipe and how it turned out.

First try the recipe and then write about your experience. When you do, acknowledge the author and website. This lends to your reader your honesty and respect for the person who wrote the recipe and that’s how most folks make money, by you visiting their website and then purchasing their books and products.



I had my family over and I thought it would be fun to make doughnuts for breakfast, or at least a second breakfast! HA! Anyway, my son, who loves to bake, and I searched for a recipe that wasn’t complicated, and had ingredients I could find in my cupboard.

I Googled the words homemade doughnut recipe and up popped Sally’s website. With one click of the mouse, we were at the Homemade Glazed Doughnuts recipe. We perused the ingredients, read the cooking time, and hit print.

My son ran to the kitchen and pulled out the flour bin, grabbed his step stool, and was ready to get to work. When you are four years old, time has no relevance. It was going to happen now! But I burst his bubble by explaining we had to make the recipe in the morning. Then the tears started. I redeemed myself by saying he could get up early the next morning and help me put the dough together. He loves to get up early. VERY, EARLY.

Seeing that this appealed to him, he shoved the flour bin back into the pantry and ran off to the living room just as four o’clock had just struck on my mechanical clock. It was his television time.

Time keeps on ticking


I usually am an early riser myself. I can usually wake up around 3:30 without an alarm. But today, my body decided it needed to sleep in. I woke up at 5 am instead. I consider 5 am sleeping in. Hopping out of bed, I performed the usual rituals- coffee first, then lighting the fireplace and begin peaceful thoughts and contemplations of life.

Before I knew it, 6 am had just chimed, and I awaited my son’s cheery “good morning” from the bedroom across the hallway. Silence. Hmm. This is strange. But within another fifteen minutes, he rousted and gave his cheery call. He was ready to get to baking. Let’s make doughnuts!

One tissp…


If you watched Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, you probably saw the scene of the fairies making a birthday cake for Sleeping Beauty, and they, not being bakers, questioned what one “tissp” was. A bit of humor goes a long way. My son enjoys being the dumper of the tissp spoon.

Once all the ingredients are mixed and the yeast is warm and frothy, we combine them and let the dough hook do its magic! Then, onto the rise portion of the recipe. A cozy stay a distance away from the fireplace door.

STAY TUNED NEXT WEEK for continued baking adventures.

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