He Can’t Help It

I never really knew how much Labs like water till we got our Lab. Water is life for Tucker. He seeks it out daily in his drink and for play and enjoyment.

Often on our walks, he will pause at the creek or river and “ask”. The asking looks like this: he stops and turns, looks at me, makes direct eye contact, ears are raised and set, eyes glowing as if to say “Mommy, please?”

It’s hard to resist him. So, I say “Okay, go.” And with a big smile, he runs down the bank into the river or creek. As he swims he laps up water. I laugh because I envision him trying to drink his way out of this big “bathtub”. After his drink, he finds a shallow spot and then rests.

I see his joy in being in the water, he just can’t help it. The peace and contentment I see fills me also. Reminds me to find joy and contentment in little things.

Today, where ever you may be. I hope you find a big “creek” to run into, to drink of and play in. Finding joy and contentment it just being there even though it may not last long. Soak it up, let your tongue hang out and smile.

-Finding “creeks” of contentment to enjoy today, wherever they may be.


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