There they all are again! UG! I do not like grackles. They chase away all the nice birds, all the pretty birds. I stomped around my kitchen fretting about the attendees at my bird feeder.

God quietly reminded me that grackles need to be fed also. Not all the birds he created are “pretty” as I have determined them to be. This made me think about my attitude with folks in church, committees, and social groups.

We all can’t be the pretty robins, goldfinches, and orioles. There needs to be a variety of beauty throughout. God sees beauty differently than we do. He looks in on the heart.

Outwardly we can have all the right clothes to wear, makeup, accessories and say all the right “christiany” things, but it means nothing. God wants our hearts and actions to be in step with his kingdom.

Do you have grackles around you? Maybe at work or church? Perhaps serving WITH you on a committee? God gives us the strength to live and work with the grackles in our lives. Grackles are important and serve a purpose. They have their own special beauty, we just have to get to know them.

-Appreciating the grackles at my bird feeder and in my life along with you.-Michele

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