Fun, New Children’s Picture Books for Mother’s Day

Books for Mother's day

Perhaps you might like a few new books for your little ones on Mother’s Day. I’ve been reading other authors to see what works and what doesn’t. I came across a few books that fit the bill for Mother’s Day. See what you think.

Multiple Awards Winning Book

An endearing picture book with enchanting illustrations is the perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, and special holidays.

In a precious and beautifully rhyming text, a parent asks a child if they want to know how much they are loved, taking them through different seasons, milestones, and celebrations big and small, showing them that they are loved always.

Evocative of special occasion classics such as Guess How Much I Love You, Pat the Bunny, and Love You Forever, Junia Wonders’ new picture book, I Love You Through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, featuring extraordinary tempera style illustrations with beautiful saturated pastel hues, will be the perfect keepsake for any gift-giving occasion such as a baby shower, birth of a baby, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, or any event to share a loving message.

Award-winning illustrator Daniela Volpari creates stunning illustrations with soft, rich pastels in earthy tones, featuring precious character designs, giving a comforting backdrop to this sweet and gentle rhyming story that pays tribute to the love shared between a parent and child.

Top #1 New Release

Let’s celebrate and thank mommies for everything they do. This heartwarming book celebrates and promotes gratitude and features a range of diverse children expressing thanks to their mothers. Perfect for children ages 2 and up, new moms, baby shower gifts, and Mother’s Day.

Through charming illustrations, children are shown the many ways in which their mothers nurture them and help them grow every day.

With a focus on the power of gratitude and the unique bond between mothers and children, this book is a delightful read for families of all backgrounds.

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Coming this Fall

“Soft Hugs for Mommy” is a heart-warming picture book written by Mandy Farmer, a talented author who draws from her personal experience with fibromyalgia. The touching story follows a loving family as they navigate the challenges of Mommy’s chronic pain condition. The colorful book, illustrated by another chronic pain warrior, captures the emotions and experiences of the characters with warmth and tenderness.  

The book beautifully illustrates the ups and downs of Mommy’s fibromyalgia, from her good days when she can play and cuddle, to her bad days when she’s in pain and needs rest. It sensitively portrays the impact of fibromyalgia on daily life but also highlights the strength, resilience, and unwavering love of the family as they support Mommy through her challenges.  

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