Friends with Swords

Is God not good when he gives you a “friend with a sword”? Today I was completely blessed by a friend’s words as given to her by the Holy Spirit. we fight similar battles for our children.

“Our reality is not determined by the lies of the evil one, the siren of hopelessness and despair. Our reality is determined by God’s Word! Therefore we must BOLDLY proclaim the name of Jesus is GREATER than the deceit of the evil one over ________. We stand on YOUR promise Lord, that YOU FIGHT FOR US! We choose to live by what YOU SAY, LORD. Exodus 14:14.”

It’s Fight Club everyday friends. Sometimes we are tired and can hardly put on our armor. But today be emboldened by God’s gift to you through Friends with Swords.

-Raising my sword by God’s power and His might! AMEN

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