Fibromyalgia ~ What You Need to Understand &; Legacy Link-Up

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By now you have heard about fibromyalgia, but maybe you don’t understand much about it or the effects it has on the patient. I have been writing about fibromyalgia for about 5 years now in the hope that I can explain it to you. Other pain warriors have also offered to “write letters” to answer specific questions.

Today, I introduce to you, Sue Ingebretson. She is a fellow pain warrior and best-selling author. She has offered to share with us an open letter she wrote a few years ago. We are offering part of this letter in print here but also offering the full letter as a downloadable, printable that you may more easily share with others or have handy for helping your friends with fibro. So without further ado, here’s Sue Ingebretson…

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Dear Concerned,

You’ve recently asked me about fibromyalgia and I’m sure you’re wondering what all the hype is about. While most people have heard of it by now, that doesn’t mean they know what it is. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there and it can be confusing.

After all, if everything you know about fibromyalgia comes from what you see on TV, you might believe I should be out rowing a canoe, gardening, or opening my own bakery and sweets shop. But, instead, you may see me not feeling well and not participating in activities that are too taxing or stressful.

If everything you know about fibromyalgia comes from what you see on TV, you might believe I should be out rowing a canoe, gardening, or opening my own bakery Share on X

Download to Understand Fibromyalgia

To clarify my response to you, I’m providing it in this written format. It’s my way of making sure I don’t leave out anything important. Click below to open the letter in its entirety or read a portion below.

Download letter
Letter to Friends about Fibromyalgia ~ Click Arrow Above

An Excerpt to Understand Fibromyalgia

One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn is how to express myself. Although it’s difficult, here are a few thoughts on that topic:

Please don’t ….

Tell me that you know how I feel. Even if you have fibromyalgia and/or any other health challenge, we’re all different and experience our conditions differently.

Tell me how I should feel. That’s up to me.

Tell me that so-and-so drank this “magic juice” and got better. There are as many treatments that don’t work as ones that do. I’m on the journey to discover this process on my own.

Compare me to siblings, friends, colleagues, who don’t have health challenges or even those who do. As I’ve stated, I’m on my own path to wellness.

Please do ….

Tell me that you’re thinking of me. Even if I’m not terribly responsive or talkative it’s wonderful to know that you’re supportive of me and of my health.

Send me books, magazines, cards, emails, notes, etc. that express that you’re there. Chronic illness can be SO isolating and every kind word from you matters to me.

Ask if there’s anything specific that I need. Even if I say “no” 50 times out of 51, that one time that I really need something may mean the world to me.

Continue to search for helpful treatments, protocols, nutrients, supplements, and practices. Just because I don’t always implement your suggestions doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the help. I’m always open to and encouraged by current news and information.

In Summary of Understanding Fibromyalgia:

  1. My body may bruise like a tender peach, but my will is strong as iron.
  2. Inside, I’m still the same me.
  3. I’m just trying to find my way as best I can.
  4. I’d love it if you’d come along with me on this unpredictable journey.

Not behind me pushing.

Not in front of me pulling.

But beside me –

Guiding, encouraging, nurturing, and supporting.

Sue Ingebretson

Are you with me?

Sue Ingebretson

Author, Speaker, Practitioner; Connect with Sue on her blog

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About Sue Ingebretson

Sue Ingebretson is a much sought after symptom-relief expert in the fibromyalgia, chronic illness, and autoimmune communities. Known for getting to the root of health challenges, her methods deliver long-term results using a light-hearted approach without quick-fix remedies that only mask symptoms.   She’s an author, speaker, certified nutritional therapist, clinical hypnotherapist, master NLP practitioner, and an integrative nutrition health coach. She has additional certifications which include EFT, Time Line Therapy,® and Success Coaching. She writes for various magazines as well as leading workshops and seminars.

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10 Comments on “Fibromyalgia ~ What You Need to Understand &; Legacy Link-Up”

  1. I agree! Mandy and Michele are so kind to help get the word out on what we’d all like others to know. I hope you find the downloadable letter useful!

  2. Thanks Barbara — and what a kind friend you are to share this letter with them! Hopefully, it can not only help them share their experiences with others, but it may also help them better understand themselves.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I do have a friend with fibro who is doing wonderfully now, but had many years when she wasn’t.

    Thank you for telling what to say and what not to!

  4. Jerralea, The biggest issue (in my opinion) is that people just don’t understand. These diseases that “You don’t look sick” are so difficult. THanks for reading!

  5. When I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia & autoimmune conditions I sent an informative letter & helpful hints out to my family & friends which had mixed reactions.

    I have come to learn that people who are in good health cannot understand those living in chronic health conditions.
    So I cannot have an expectation that they will have any type of understanding. But compassion & kindness do go along way for those of us who are doing they’re very best in the chronic conditions. 😉
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us,

  6. Thank you for sharing this great information! And thanks for making it all available in an easy downloadable letter. It’s really something so nice to have on hand for when loved ones and friends would like more info on what we deal with. Blessings to you, Mandy and Michele and Sue!

  7. Bettie – you’re so very welcome and I’m glad you’ve found this beneficial. It’s SO important for us to stay supportive of each other. And, getting the truth out about what, exactly, we’re dealing with is a big part of that. There are so many un-truths about fibromyalgia and anything we can do to dispel them is a good thing.

  8. Forgive my slow response. This ended up in my Spam folder. Not sure why because we have corresponded quite a bit. ANyway….
    It’s like anything that we don’t understand, it seems like nonsense until you have been there done that. All we can do is share and like you said return with compassion and kindness. Thanks for coming by.

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